CTF Responds to Disaster in Nias

Pictured is a little girl, Putri, who is an orphan and patient of Fr. Scott’s, who is now being operated upon in California through the CTF’s efforts and those of the USNS Mercy, a hospital-ship of the US Navy that came to help Nias in the wake of the earthquake.

On March 29, 2005 an earthquake measuring 8.5 on the Richter scale rocked the already tsunami-affected area of Aceh, Indonesia.

The island of Nias off the northwest coast of Sumatra was most affected by the disaster. Officials estimated the death toll to be in the thousands, and 85% of the buildings on the island were completely destroyed. Once again, however, the outpouring of aid from international agencies was quite impressive. At the time of the earthquake, Father Scott Binet was working at the medical clinic in Banda Aceh that the CTF and the Archdiocese of Medan established in the wake of the December 26th tsunami/earthquake that affected the same region. Together with representatives of the Archdiocese of Medan, the Diocese of Sebolga, and healthcare professionals from both Medan and Jakarta, Indonesia, Father Binet of the CTF will be responding to the disaster in Nias. Please keep this team and those affected by the disaster in your prayers.

CTF Responds to Disaster in Nias


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