Community Assistant (Household Activities – HQ Milwaukee)

Contribute significantly to the development and operations of SOS DRS – an international, Catholic, non-profit disaster relief organization based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin ( The organization seeks a person to help the community with household activities including cleaning, cooking, shopping, etc. The person should be reliable, hardworking, and prepared to work under the guidance of the executive assistant of Fr. Scott Binet MD, MI – the President of SOS DRS. Work will be done largely at the Headquarters in Milwaukee and elsewhere as the situation demands. The HQ is located at 1039 East Russell Avenue in Milwaukee next to Immaculate Conception Parish (See Map). The volunteer may be asked to work with other volunteers and would be welcome to participate in community activities including prayer and worship.  Fr. Scott Binet MD, MI will briefly interview the volunteer by phone and then in person prior to the beginning of any work. If there are any questions about the position, Fr. Scott may be reached at 414-731-7318 (9 AM-5 PM – M-F), by e-mail at or on SKYPE – fr.scottbinet.


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