Instructions for Translators

Instructions for Translators

Introduction – Many thanks for agreeing to support the mission of the CTF-SOS DRS by translating articles. It is important to transmit accurate information quickly to the members of our organization, donors, and the general public. So you are providing a very significant service for CTF-SOS DRS.

Please proceed through the following steps when translating an article:

  • Check the blog frequently for “urgent” translations [at the time of an emergency] and also according to the agreed upon translation frequency [1/week]. The articles to be translated are located at the bottom right of the blog.
  • Locate the articles to be translated within the appropriate folder located at the bottom of the blog that corresponds to the language into which you will be translating, i.e. your mother tongue.
  • Open the oldest article present [note the publication date]
  • Highlight and copy the text of the document.
  • Create a new post by pasting the copied text into a new post document [click on  new post at top of blog]
  • Translate the title of the original document into the language that you are using and place the new title in the appropriate space in the post you have created.
  • Save the document as  a draft [status – draft]
  • The editor/assistant editor will modify the category of the original document so the category “translate into __________” is no longer present. [this will prevent more than one translator translating the same document.]
  • The document that the translator is working on will remain in the ”translate into _____ folder”, but it will be identified as a draft, and it will have a different title.
  • When the translator has finished the translation, the status of the document should be changed to pending.
  • When the status of the article is pending, the editor will review it and publish it at the opportune time.


Fr. Scott Binet



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