Request For Funding from CTF Central and SOS DRS -Request Form – Narrative Information

Request For Funding from CTF Central and SOS DRS

Request Form – Narrative Information

Please complete as soon as possible and send to

Please provide the following information.

  1. Situation Analysis (a narrative that includes a background description of the disaster and the needs and resources of the expected beneficiaries [disaster victims to be served]. Please submit initial photo documentation of the disaster, relief recipients and those providing relief. [500 words].

Note: you can write a situation analysis based on personal visits, documents, news reports, NGO reports or other forms of published literature that pertains to the situation. The situation analysis has to identify the population you want to serve, briefly explaining the background to the disaster. It should describe their living conditions and the challenges they currently face. These challenges include physical, livelihood-related, resource related, psychological etc. You also need to identify the coping strategies and resources available to the population (for e.g. other NGOs working there, or info about what people themselves are already doing). Please also specify the target group(s) you are aiming to serve by the intervention (for e.g. women, children, the sick, etc.)

  1. Description of the projected relief effort [500 words] including:

A. Goal

B. Objectives

C. Specifics about how any CTF/SOS Drs funds will be used including:

  • Pastoral component
  • Medical component
  • Humanitarian component
  • Who is providing relief
  • Collaborators
  • Camillian involvement
  1. Projected Monitoring and Evaluation mechanism for project [300 words].

Note: How will the progress of the project be monitored and evaluated? What records will be kept? Financial monitoring? Monitoring of the success of completing objectives? Do you have access to a computer?  Receipts for purchases should be kept and any money transactions recorded. Competitive bids for services should be gotten when possible/necessary.

  1. Projected interim and final report author(s) and date of submission.

Note: Who is going to report back to SOS DRS/CTF and when? The report should be written in English.

  1. Budget (attach Excel spreadsheet):

Note: Indicate projected expenses based upon material and human resource needs.

Any questions regarding the narrative information, the information table or the introductory document may be directed to Fr. Scott as follows:

Fr. Scott Binet, MD, MI

International Coordinator – Camillian Task Force

President – SOS DRS

001-414-731-7318 (US)

39-06-899-281-14 (Italy)

SKYPE: fr.scottbinet

Prepared – October 3, 2009


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