February 13 – Saint Catherine del Ricci: Patron Saint of the Sick

Saint Catherine del Ricci, Patron Saint of the Sick (Feast Date: February 13)

Extract from  Catherine del Ricci: “Her mother died when Catherine was an infant; she was raised by her godmother, but considered Our Lady her true mother, and developed a great devotion. As a child, she could speak to her guardian angel, and the angel taught her prayers for the rosary. . . .
She received visions and had ecstacies, but these caused some problems and doubts among her sisters – outwardly she seemed asleep or dully stupid when the visions were upon her. Catherine though everyone received these visions as part of their lives with God. She was stricken with a series of painful ailments that permanently damaged her health. Catherine met Philip Neri in a vision while he was alive in Rome; they corresponded. Could bilocate. Said to have received a ring from the Lord as a sign of her espousal to him; to her it appeared as gold set with a diamond; everyone else saw a red lozenge and a circlet around her finger. Permanent stigmatist. At age 20 she began a 12-year cycle of weekly ecstasies of the Passion from noon Thursday until 4:00pm Friday, often accompanied by serious wounds. Her sisters could follow the course of the Passion, as the wounds appeared in order from the scourging and crowning with thorns. At the end she was covered with wounds and her shoulder was indented from the Cross. The first time, during Lent 1542, she meditated so completely on the crucifixion of Jesus that she became ill, and was healed by a vision of the Risen Lord talking with Mary Magdalene. Crowds came to see her, skeptics and sinners being converted by the sight.” See also: Catherine of Ricci, February 13: Saint Catherine de Ricci.

 We, at the CTF/SOS DRS have prayed for the intercession of St. Catherine del Ricci on behalf of those affected by the following catastrophes:

Child Mortality in Sudan (July 2012) (Africa) See World Mission Rosary Intentions: July 16 – July 19, 2012.

That the Lord in His Divine Mercy – through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary – may build up His Kingdom,make these mysteries a reality in our lives, strengthen us in our common mission, and come to the aid of those for whom we pray.


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