CTF Thailand/Myanmar Cyclone Mission #5

March 8  –  March 15, 2009

During the next five days, the participants served seven locations in Bogolay and Mawkyun.  Team members provided medical services and distributed supplies to the villagers. The team physicians worked well into the night providing services to patients – prior to thanking the Lord in prayer and falling asleep surrounded by mosquitoes!

In Bogolay, the team provided supplies and services, procured samples of pond water for testing, and visited the four newly-erected dwellings funded through Camillian efforts.  In addition, the team utilized their time together with the Abbot to discuss future collaboration focusing on health care and livelihood for the villages, including the erection and support of three additional clinics, as well as future support for these clinics.

In Mawkyun, the team provided supplies and services and assessed the progress of the construction of a new school and medical clinic, as well as the benefits of the hand tractor previously provided to the village by the Camillian team.  Fr. Rocco and the Abbots of  the villages of Ma Ya Ywar and Thit Phyu Chaung, visited a new Camillian-funded bridge that connected two villages and served the needs of approximately 3000 local residents.

While they were providing for the medical needs of the villagers, the doctors encountered a 5-year-old girl named Ma Mwe Mwe who was born with a cleft palate.  Upon discovering that the child was on a waiting list for surgical correction in Yangon, the Camillian team committed to assisting her with funding for the procedure in the amount of $700.

Upon their return to Yangon, the team re-addressed current and future activities, including the rehabilitation of 29 ponds which were flooded with salt water during the Cyclone.  While in Yangon, the team enjoyed a celebration commemorating the opening of the Zabu Oke Shoun Nunnery School (formerly referred to as the Zamburatanar Nunnery School), which is partially supported by Camillian efforts.

Susan M Stefanski, Assistant Editor

CTF/SOS DRS Online Newsletter


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