May 22 – Saint Rita of Cascia: Patron Saint of Desperate Situations and Impossible Causes

Saint Rita of Cascia, Patron Saint of Impossible Causes (Feast Date: May 22)

Extract from:  St. Rita of Cascia Feast Day — May 22:  “Rita was born in a small village near Cascia, Italy in 1381. Her parents had waited many years for a child and they gave thanks to God for Rita’s birth. As a child, Rita often visited the nuns at the Augustinian convent in town and hoped to be able to join them one day. Rita’s parents had other plans for her. It was the custom in Rita’s time for parents to arrange marriages for their children.  Rita put aside her own desires and was obedient to her parents. She married Paolo Mancini, the town watchman. They had two sons. Rita remained close to God through her busy days as a wife and mother. . . . One day, Paolo got caught in the middle of a battle . . . was killed. Not long after, both of Rita’s sons died of an illness that swept through her village. Rita was now alone in the world. Her thoughts returned to her childhood dream of becoming a nun. . . . . in time, Rita’s prayers were answered. She was welcomed into religious life when she was thirty-six years old. . . . One day, about twenty years after she entered the convent, she was meditating on Christ’s Passion and crucifixion. As she prayed, a small wound appeared on her forehead. It looked like a mark from a thorn, like the crown of thorns Jesus wore. This mark remained on Rita’s forehead the rest of her life. It was a reminder of the great sacrifice Christ made out of love for all people. . . .”  PICTURE of Saint Rita of Cascia. See also: Rita of Cascia (Multilingulal), ST. RITA OF CASCIA(EN), Santa Rita de Casia: Santa de lo Imposible (1457) (SP), Santa Rita de Cascia  Fiesta: 22 de mayo 1381-1457(SP), Santa Rita: La vita della Santa (It), Sainte Rita de Cascia (Fr), Święta Rita z Cascia, zakonnica (PO). VIDEOS: Who is saint Rita of Cascia?, Once Upon a Saint – St. Rita of Cascia – May 22nd, Saint Rita Of Cascia, Santa Rita de Casia La película, Santa Rita de Cassia abogada de lo imposible. PRAYERS to Saint Rita.

Saint Rita of Cascia, Patron Saint of Desperate Situations (Feast Date: May 22)

(b.1381) (d. May 22, 1457) Extract from Saint Rita of Cascia: “Saint Rita of Cascia was born in Italy. She got married at age 12 to Paolo Mancini. St. Rita endured his abuses and infidelities for 18 years, and bore two sons. Before his death, he repented to St. Rita and the Church, and she forgave him. After the deaths of her husband and sons, she desired to enter the monastery of Saint Mary Magdalene at Cascia but was spurned for being a widow, as virginity was a requirement for entry into the convent. St. Rita, at the age of 36, was allowed to enter the monastery- “a miracle”. During the night, St. Rita was miraculously transported into the convent by her patron saints, St. John the Baptist, St Augustine and St. Nicholas. One day, Rita said, “Please let me suffer like you, Divine Savior”. Suddenly, a thorn from a figure of the crucifixion fell from the crown of thorns and wounded Rita’s forehead.”


We, at the CTF/SOS DRS have prayed for the intercession of St. Rita of Cascia on behalf of those affected by the following catastrophes:

Storms in  Haiti (September 24, 2010) (America) See World Mission Rosary Intentions – October 11 – October 24, 2010.

Conflict in Somalia (September 25, 2008) (Africa) See World Mission Rosary Intentions: September 29-October 12, 2008.

That the Lord in His Divine Mercy – through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary – may build up His Kingdom,make these mysteries a reality in our lives, strengthen us in our common mission, and come to the aid of those for whom we pray.


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One thought on “May 22 – Saint Rita of Cascia: Patron Saint of Desperate Situations and Impossible Causes

  1. I want to deeply thank you our father in heaven, our lord and savior Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit
    For the guidance and the answer of many prayers
    I am deeply grateful to st. Expedite, st. Rita of cassia, our holy mother of Fatima, mother aparecida, mother of impossiveis, st. Edwiges, st. Gabriel the archangel, all saints and angels in heaven, and Jude Thaddeus, for interceding on my behalf to the sacred heart of Jesus and our father in heaven
    For my daughter not have any health problems in her heart.
    And for the peace I received during her consultation
    Thank you god for her to be a health child

    May god bless us all

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