July 4 – Saint Elizabeth of Portugal: Patron Saint of Peace – Invoked in Times of War

Saint Elizabeth of Portugal, Patron Saint of Peace (Feast Date: July 4)

Extract from St. Elizabeth of Portugal (1271-1336) queen and wife: “Elizabeth, or Isabel, was born in Saragossa, Spain, in 1271, the daughter of Peter III, king of Aragón and Queen Constanza and was christened Elizabeth after her great-aunt Elizabeth of Hungary. Many European monarchs sought to have her as a bride for their sons and one must wonder how much she understood when at the age of twelve she was married to King Denis of Portugal who was then twenty. . . . Elizabeth regularly attended the Liturgy of the Hours and sometimes even corrected the Latin of the clerical chanters. In 1320, she obtained from the bishop of Coimbra a proclamation establishing the solemn observance of the feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary on 8 December throughout the whole country. . . . Elizabeth would at times bring lepers to her private room, wash and bandage their wounds, replace their rags with clean clothes and serve them with a meal. One Good Friday, as the lepers were going away, one of them, unable to keep upwith rest, fell at the main entrance, where the doorkeeper found him. . . .  Elizabeth immediately had him brought to a secluded room, where she washed the gash on his skull, and applied egg-white before bandaging it. When, the next day, the leper announced that he had no more pain, that the wound was closed and healed, the rumour spread that the queen had performed a miracle. Doctors have commented on this episode, praising Elizabeth’s medical knowledge. It seems that the protein and fibrinogenic components in egg-white can be an effective remedy for a bleeding wound. In 1779, the Portuguese Academy of Sciences chose St. Elizabeth as its patron saint.” See also:  Marian Prayer of St. Elizabeth.

Saint Elizabeth of Portugal, Patron Saint of Peace

Extract from: SAINT ELIZABETH Queen of Portugal (1271-1336): “Saint Elizabeth was born in 1271. She was the daughter of Pedro III of Aragon, and named for her aunt, Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. As a child she was holy, and when she was given in marriage to Dennis, King of Portugal, she became a saintly wife. She heard Mass and recited the Divine Office daily, but her devotions were arranged with such prudence that they interfered with none of her duties of state. She prepared for her frequent Communions by works of charity, austerities and fasts, and by her Communions for these heroic works of charity. Elizabeth herself cared for the sick whom she visited, and never did a poor beggar leave her palace without having received what he needed. . . . The patience of Saint Elizabeth and the wonderful sweetness with which she cherished the children even of her rivals, eventually won over the king, and he became a devoted husband and a Christian king. She founded many charitable institutions and religious houses, among others a convent of Poor Clares. . . . The Blessed Virgin appeared to her, accompanied by Saint Clare of Assisi and several other holy women.” See picture of St. Elizabeth of Portugal. See also:  July 4 – Prayer to St. Elizabeth of Portugal.

Saint Elizabeth of Portugal, Patron Saint of Peace

Extract from St. Elizabeth of Portugal: “Elizabeth was a Spanish princess who was given in marriage to King Denis of Portugal at the age of twelve. She was very beautiful and very lovable. She was also very devout, and went to Mass every day. Elizabeth was a holy wife, but although her husband was fond of her at first, he soon began to cause her great suffering. Though a good ruler, he did not imitate his wife’s love of prayer and other virtues. In fact, his sins of impurity gave great scandle to the people. Later, to make matters worse, the King believed a lie told about Elizabeth and one of her pages by another page, who was jealous of his companion. In great anger the King ordered the one he believed guilty, to be sent to a lime-burner. The lime-burner was commanded to throw into his furnace the first page who came. The good page set out obediently, not knowing death was waiting for him. On his way he stopped for Mass, since he had the habit of going daily. The first Mass had begun, so he stayed for a second one. In the meantime, the King sent the wicked page to the lime-burner to find out if the other had been killed. And so it was this page who was thrown into the furnace! When the King learned what had happened, he realized that God had saved the good page, punished the liar, and proven Queen Elizabeth to be innocent.” See PICTURES of Saint Elizabeth of Portugal. See also:  Saint Elizabeth Queen Saint of Portugal (EN),  Santa Isabel de Portugal (SP), S. Elisabetta di Portogallo (IT), SAINTE ÉLISABETH Reine du Portugal (1271-1336) (FR), Anioł pokoju z Saragossy – św. Elżbieta Portugalska (PO). VIDEOS: A RAINHA SANTA ISABEL DE PORTUGAL, Santa Isabel de Portugal. PREGHIERE a santa Elisabetta di Portogallo, regina.

Saint Elizabeth of Portugal, Patron Saint Invoked in Times of War

Extract from ELIZABETH OF PORTUGAL: ‘FOR, IN HER IS A SPIRIT INTELLIGENT, HOLY, UNIQUE’: “From powerful monarchs to outcast lepers, many lives were touched and healed by the 13thcentury princess, child bride, queen, wife, and mother. Yet too few people, even among Catholics, are acquainted with her. The definitive biography of St. Elizabeth has yet to be written, but persistent searches of archival sources have yielded valuable documents that, added to what is commonly known of her life, present us with a portrait of a woman whose spiritual depths, intellectual stature, and human presence force us to revise any notions we may have formed about medieval women in high places. . . . Before Elizabeth entered her teen years, several European monarchs sought her hand. King Edward IV of England solicited her for his son, the crown prince, as did the king of Sicily, the king of France, and others. As was the custom, Elizabeth’s parents weighed the political advantages of each proposed match. The greatest benefit, they concluded, would ensue from a matrimonial alliance with King Dinis of Portugal. Elizabeth became his wife, by proxy. She was around 12 years of age, while King Dinis was 20. . . .Elizabeth paid regular visits to the construction sites, to clarify or correct the difficult points of her drawings. The men listened to her in rapt attention, amazed at the extent of her knowledge, that 14thcentury book says. From Elizabeth’s particular involvement in the building trade, a charming legend was born. The queen had a dream one night in which God asked her to build a church dedicated to the Holy Spirit. The next morning, she had one of her chaplains celebrate Mass, and while attending the Holy Sacrifice she received further clarification. . . ”  See also:  Elizabeth of Aragon (Multilingual)St. Elizabeth of Portugal (EN), Santa Isabel de Portugal (SP), Sant’ Elisabetta di Portogallo Regina (IT), Sainte Elisabeth du Portugal (FR), Św. Elżbieta Portugalska, królowa (1271-1336) (PO). VIDEOS: Saint Elizabeth of Portugal (July 4).

Saint Elizabeth of Portugal, Patron Saint Invoked in Times of War (Canonized May 25, 1625)

Extract from: Elizabeth of Portugal: “Elizabeth was a Spanish princess who was given in marriage to King Denis of Portugal at the age of twelve. She was very beautiful and very lovable. She was also very devout, and went to Mass every day. Elizabeth was a holy wife, but although her husband was fond of her at first, he soon began to cause her great suffering. In his last sickness, she never left his side, except for Mass, until he died a holy death. St. Elizabeth lived for eleven more years, doing even greater charity and penance. She was a wonderful model of kindness toward the poor and a successful peacemaker between members of her own family and between nations. Because St. Elizabeth was faithful to daily Mass, she found strength to carry her many great crosses. See also:  ELIZABETH OF PORTUGAL: ‘FOR, IN HER IS A SPIRIT INTELLIGENT, HOLY, UNIQUE, Saint Elizabeth Queen Saint of Portugal. Santa Isabel Reina de Portugal, Terciaria O.F.M, Święta Elżbieta Portugalska, królowa.


Saint Elizabeth of Portugal, Patron Saint of Peace

(b. 1271 and d. July 4, 1336) Extract from Saint Elizabeth of Portugal: “The daughter of King Pedro III of Aragon and Queen Constantia; great-niece of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, for whom she was named. She had a pious upbringing and was married at age 12 to King Diniz of Portugal, and thus Queen of Portugal before she was a teenager. Elizabeth suffered through years of abuse and adultery, praying all the while for the King’s conversion, and working with the poor and sick. Prince Affonso rebelled against the favours that King Diniz bestowed on his illegitimate sons, and in 1323 forces of the king and prince clashed in open civil war. Elizabeth rode onto the battlefield between them, reconciled father and son, to prevent bloodshed. After the death of the king in 1325, she distributed her property to the poor, became a Franciscan tertiary, and retired to a monastery of Poor Clares that Elizabeth had founded at Coimbra.”



We, at the CTF/SOS DRS have prayed for the intercession of St. Elizabeth of Portugal on behalf of those affected by the following catastrophes:

Islamic Militant Terrorism in Indonesia (October 27, 2012) (Oceania) See World Mission Rosary Intentions: November 5 – November 18, 2012.

War in Afghanistan (September 2011) (Asia) See World Mission Rosary Intentions September 26 – October 9, 2011.

Rioting in England (August, 2011) (Europe) See World Mission Rosary Intentions: August 15 – August 28, 2011.

Violence in Libya (June, 2011) (Africa) See World Mission Rosary Intentions: June 20 – July 3, 2011.

Armed Clashes in Egypt (February, 2011) (Africa) See World Mission Rosary Intentions: February 14 – February 27, 2011.

Rioting  in Kyrgyzstan (June 2010) (Ongoing) (Asia) See World Mission Rosary Intentions: June 21 – July 4, 2010.

War in India, Pakistan (November 26-29, 2008) (Ongoing) (Asia) See World Mission Rosary Intentions: January 19, 2009 – February 1, 2009.

That the Lord in His Divine Mercy – through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary – may build up His Kingdom,

make these mysteries a reality in our lives, strengthen us in our common mission, and come to the aid of those for whom we pray.




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