July 11 – Saint Olga of Kiev: Patron Saint of Converts and Winnipeg, Manitoba

Saint Olga of Kiev (Feast Date July 11)

Extract from Prominent Russians: Princess Olga of Kiev: “Princess Olga’s life was full of great deeds described in numerous historical records . . . .The Old Russian annals describe four types of vengeance organized by Olga. First, she ordered the capture of the 20 matchmakers who had come to Kiev and had them buried alive. The Princess then asked the Drevlyans to send better ambassadors to her, but as soon as they arrived, they were burned in a bathhouse. Soon after that Olga went to the land of the Drevlyans, supposedly to have a funeral feast in memory of her murdered husband. Having made her enemies drunk during the feast, the governess then ordered them all killed. The annals report about five thousand victims in this third act of revenge. The last vengeance took place in the year 946 when Olga traveled around the land of the Drevlyans in order to gather tributes. She besieged the town of Iskorosten, which refused to pay her. According to legend, the Princess asked that each household present her with a dove as a gift. Then she tied burning papers to the legs of the doves and let them fly back to their homes. As a result, the entire town was destroyed by fire. . .  One of the most well-known among Olga’s actions was her conversion to Christianity. She was one of the first to bring this religion to the pagan society of Kievan Rus. According to the Primary Chronicles, Olga was baptized in Constantinople either in 955 or 957. Her son Svyatoslav didn’t support his mother’s decision and was worried about losing the respect of the army because of Olga’s new faith. Apparently, she had a big influence on her grandson, Vladimir the Great, who in 988 made Christianity the official religion of Kievan Rus. . . . In 1547 the Orthodox Church proclaimed Princess Olga a saint and equal-to-the-apostles. She became one of only five women to be honored with this status in the history of Christianity.”


We, at the CTF/SOS DRS have prayed for the intercession of St. Olga of Kiev on behalf of those affected by the following catastrophes:

Plane Crash near Kiev, Ukraine (June 10, 2012) (Europe) See World Mission Rosary Intentions: June 18 – July 1, 2012.



Catholic Online:  St. Olga
Geni.com:  Regent Olga Helena / Елена of Russia, Grand Duchess of Kiev (of Russia, Grand Duchess of Kiev), Grand Grand Duchess
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Voice of Russia:  St. Olga

VIDEOS (You Tube):

Saint Olga
Exploring Sanctity: Saint Olga.


That the Lord in His Divine Mercy – through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary – may build up His Kingdom,make these mysteries a reality in our lives, strengthen us in our common mission, and come to the aid of those for whom we pray.


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