Identity and Mission – The Camillian Task Force (CTF) and SOS DRS (SOS Doctors)

Table of Contents – Summer-Fall 2009 – CTF-SOS DRS Newsletter

Who we are: SOS DRS (SOS Doctors – is an integral part of the Camillian Task Force – – the international disaster relief network of the Catholic Order of the Ministers of the Infirm – . The network is community-based, Eucharist-centered, and Marian-inspired. It is composed of Camillians and their collaborators: lay men and lay women, priests, deacons, sisters and brothers who are committed to serving others.

CTF Leaders Conference in Rome - February 2009

Our Mission:  to witness to the merciful love of Christ for the poor and the sick in word, deed and sacrament through serving the medical, pastoral and humanitarian needs of people affected by man-made and natural disasters regardless of race, religion or ethnicity

CTF network members offer their pastoral presence, professional healthcare competence and compassionate humanitarian support. At the disaster site and elsewhere, members of the CTF live, work, pray and worship together.

They are healthcare workers (doctors, nurses, dentists, midwives, community health workers, pharmacists); pastoral care agents (trauma and HIV counselors; those who visit the sick; chaplains);  people committed to providing humanitarian support (food, clothing, logistics and otherwise) students, translators, prayer partners, volunteers and office-support-personnel .

The CTF is committed to collaborating closely with like-Spirited organizations, the local church (diocese) and religious congregations.

We serve the neediest of the needy – people affected by man-made and natural disasters. Join us! And pray for us and those we help as well.

In Christ – through Mary,

Fr. Scott Binet MD, MI

President of SOS DRS
International Coordinator CTF
Family Physician

Table of Contents – Summer-Fall 2009 – CTF-SOS DRS Newsletter


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