Day 1 – CTF-(Vice)Provinces Conference 1 – Bangkok, Thailand

The first day of the CTF-(Vice) Provinces Conference 1 in Bangkok, Thailand is now a pleasant memory.

Present were 12 representatives of the CTF from 6 countries. These included:

– Marissa Khomin (Thailand), Fr. Dominic Akrapan, MI (Thailand), Fr. John S., MI (Thailand), Faisal Malik (Thailand), Fr. Giovanni Contarin, MI (Thailand), Fr. Rocco Pairat, MI (Thailand), Theresia Sinaga (Kenya, Indonesia), Brother Luca Perletti, MI (CTF Central, SOS DRS), Fr. Scott Binet, MI (CTF Central, SOS DRS), Fr. Matthew Perumpil, MI (India), Fr. Biju, MI (India) and Fr. Domenic Meng, MI (Philippines).

(L to R) Brother Luca, Fr. Dominic, Marissa, Fr. Meng, Fr. Rocco, Fr. John, Faisal, Fr. Giovanni, Fr. Matthew, Fr. Biju

(L to R) Fr. Meng, Marissa Khoman, Fr. Dominic Akrapan, Brother Luca

The agenda of the first day of the conference kept us quite busy and was very fruitful. It began with a Eucharistic celebration in the morning at which Fr. Rocco Pairat, MI presided.  Numerous children from the nearby Camillian home for children living with disabilities. We ended with the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and the praying of the world mission rosary. In between, there were many opportunities to get to know one another better, enjoy some good Thai food and seriously discuss the mission and identity of the CTF.

Fr. Scott

We delved deeply into the matter of the conference, discerning how the CTF and the (vice) Provinces can better collaborate at the level of responding to disasters [the mission]; formation [preparing for the mission] and building structural/organizational capacities [supporting the mission].

Here is the agenda for the first day of the CTF – (Vice) Provinces 1 Meeting at the Camillian Pastoral Center in Bangkok, Thailand [December 16-18, 2009].

Day 1 – (Wednesday, December 16)

0730 – Celebration of the Eucharist (Fr. Rocco, MI presides)

0800 – Breakfast

0915 – Opening prayer, Welcome [Fr. Rocco, Fr. Scott]

  • Review of Agenda/Assignment of Roles [secretary, timekeeper, photographer]
  • Personal Introductions
  • Small Group Discussion [by members of organization present] –
    • Write/Share Expectations/Questions/Desires
  • Goal(s) of Conference

1030 – Break -15 minutes

1045Creating A Context for Accomplishing Goals: History, Identity,  Mission, Terms

  • Introduction to CTF
  1. Brief History – Evolution of Collaboration
  2. Identity and Mission of the CTF-SOS DRS
  3. A Network – English
  • Update [Fr. Scott, Brother Luca]
  2. Attività/Activities – Recent and Upcoming Action Items
  • Definition of Terms – Collaboration between the CTF, (Vice)-Provinces, Partners
    • Disaster Response/Protocol – Living The Mission
    • Formation – Preparing for the Mission
    • Organizational/Structural Capacity – Supporting the Mission
  • Facilitated Discussion

1200 – Lunch

1300 – Rest

1400 – Creating a Context – Journeying Together [Strategic Plans as Road Maps]

  1. Final statement of CTF Leaders Conference (Italian-Statement), (English-Statement)
  2. Letter of Conference participants to the Order English Letter
  3. Final statement of CTF-Pastoral Centers Conference 1 [English]
  4. Proceedings from CTF Formation Meeting in Verona, Italy [English] (October)

1500 – Break -15 minutes
1515 – Creating a Context: Sharing of CTF Experiences – Disaster Response;

Formation; Structural and Organizational Capacity-Related

  • CTF Thailand [Fr. Rocco] – 30 minutes

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  • CTF Philippines [Fr. Meng] – 30 minutes

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1630 – Summary, Comments, Prayer, Adjournment

1700 – Adoration/Rosary [Chapel in Center – Optional]

1900 – Dinner

Stay tuned…..Fr. Scott


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