Day 3 – CTF-Provinces Conference 1 (Bangkok, Thailand)

The 3rd and final day the CTF(Vice)Provinces 1 meeting is now behind us. It was a day during which we accomplished much – a culmination of the previous two days. We began a strategic planning process to promote ongoing collaboration between the CTF and the (Vice)-Provinces – agreeing to several initiatives, putting ideas together for the development of a disaster relief protocol and a statement from the participants. We were also visited by Bishop Joseph of Caritas Thailand who extended his hand in a gesture of collaboration indicating the various works his organization is involved in and ways in which the CTF and Caritas Thailand might collaborate. Stay tuned for more details about the conference proceedings. Here is the agenda for the day and some photos:

Day 3 – (Friday, December 18)

0700 – Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament/Rosary [Chapel in Center – Optional]

0800 – Mass [Chapel in Center – English – Fr. Meng]

0845 – Breakfast

0915 – Opening prayer/Agenda Review – Fr. Scott

0930 –  SWOTAn instrument for assessing strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats – for developing a strategic plan

SWOT done by each (vice)Province and CTF Central/CTF Kenya/CTF Indonesia in the areas of: disaster response, formation, organizational and structural capacities

10:45 – Break 15 minutes

Continue SWOT, discuss in small groups.

1200 –  Lunch
1300 –  Rest
1400 –  Caritas Presentation [Bishop Joseph – Caritas Thailand]


15:15 – Break 15 minutes

Accomplishing the Goals

1. Strategic Plan, initiatives

2. Protocol Development – The Mission – Responding to Disasters – From Beginning to End
Disaster Funding

An Example Project

2. Ideas for statement….Wrap up.

3. Presentation of banners to (vice)Provinces and t-shirts to participants

Prayer, adjournment of meeting

Group Photo with Bishop Joseph of Caritas Thailand

(L to R) – Theresia Sinaga  (Indonesia/Kenya), Fr. Biju (India), Fr. Giovanni Contarin (Thailand), Brother Luca Perletti (Italy), Fr. Meng (Philippines), Brother  Giovanni (Thailand), Marissa K (Thailand), Fr. Dominic A. (Thailand), Fr. John S. (Thailand), Fr. Matthew P (India), Fr. Scott B (US), Bishop Joseph (Thailand), Fr. Rocco P (Thailand)

Fr. Scott


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