Christmas Message and End-of-Year Appeal – Fr. Scott

Dear Friend,

Health and peace. I pray you are well. Both Christmas and the end of the year are upon us. This is reason to celebrate.  The Lord came – Emmanuel – and He is still with us. And the New Year holds much promise because of that.

2009 has been filled with both good and bad for all of us – experiences of joy but also much suffering. From the standpoint of the number and severity of disasters, the year has been quite difficult. This is nowhere more true than here in Asia. I am in Bangkok, Thailand with Theresia Sinaga. We are on our way to the Tsunami-affected area in Indonesia where we will be for Christmas. Memories of our time in Banda Aceh in 2005 poignantly remind me of how life can change for the worse from one moment to the next.

After Christmas we will go on mission to an earthquake-affected area in Padang, Indonesia [October 2009]. And in January I hope to be in Manila working with CTF Philippines in areas affected by Typhoon Ketsana [September 2009] and then with CTF Thailand in areas affected by Cyclone Nargis [May 2008].  After our experience together in Indonesia Theresia will return to Kenya to continue disaster relief work in the slum of Kibera. The needs in all these disaster situations are still great. Click here to help the neediest of the needy – those affected by disasters.

Along with others members of SOS DRS like Theresia and I are meeting some of them through providing medical, humanitarian and pastoral assistance. Please join us on mission and continue your support. We and those that we serve in disasters need your help more than ever. Read more about how you can help through an end-of-year and tax-deductible donation.

In anticipation of your generosity I offer my thanks and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

Fr. Scott


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