The CTF in Asia and Beyond – An Update

Fr. Scott Binet

Friends of the CTF,

Health and peace to you from Bangkok, Thailand. I hope you are having a Blessed New Year so far. Here is an update of recent and projected CTF activities in Asia and beyond.

CTF-SOS DRS Indonesia

After the CTF-Vice(Provinces)meeting in Bangkok, Theresia Sinaga and I went to Indonesia from December 22, 2009 – January 8, 2010 during which time we accomplished much.

  1. In Jakarta we met with several people to see how we might move forward with the CTF in Indonesia: Fr. Singit, the Director of Caritas Indonesia; Duane Gingrich, a lawyer from Baker-McKenzie who knows much about establishing NGOs in Indonesia; Dr. Irene Setiadi, a previous collaborator in relief work and a physician who leads the Charity and Humanitarian Group [KBKK]. She knows much about responding to disasters in Indonesia in collaboration with the Indonesian Episcopal Conference.
  2. At Christmas and on the anniversary of the Tsunami, Theresia and I spent time with her family and with Fr. Eka, our primary collaborator in Banda Aceh in the wake of the disaster. This was an emotion-filled experience for all of us.
  3. After Banda Aceh on the 27th of December Theresia and I headed to Medan, Indonesia and then Padang where together with KBKK and the Franciscan Peace and Justice group we completed a 9 day medical, pastoral and humanitarian mission in West Pasaman, an area affected by an earthquake in September 2010. We served many people: stay tuned for more mission details.
  4. After our mission in West Pasaman, Theresia and I went to Medan where we met with Archbishop Anicetus Sinaga and Fr. Fritz, the Director of Caritas Medan. These two individuals were our primary collaborators from the Archdiocese in the wake of the Tsunami. We shared much about our experiences and discussed several possibilities regarding future collaboration.
  5. Theresia and I finished our mission in Indonesia in Jakarta where we met with Dr. Irene Setiadi and Dr. Lukas Yusuf to recap our mission in West Pasaman and to look forward to collaborating in the future. KBKK will be going to Manado in May, a relief mission that the CTF will support through providing some medications.


Theresia returned to Nairobi, Kenya on January 9. During our time together in Bangkok and Indonesia Theresia and I spoke much about the mission in Kenya. There she will be working with Fr. John Mosoti and others to further the work of the CTF in Nairobi – particularly in Kibera Slum. Theresia will also be working on her MA in Peace and International Relations at Hekima College. I look forward to my visit to Kenya in February.

CTF Thailand

Since my return to Bangkok on January 8 I have had several meetings with members of CTF Thailand. We have come up with a good plan to move forward. This plan is the fruit of much reflection and the recent CTF-(Vice)Provinces meeting in Bangkok.

CTF Philippines

From January 14 to January 25 I will be in the Philippines together with the members of CTF Philippines who are working in the wake of Typhoon Ketsana. I am looking forward to seeing the progress of CTF Philippines with the Marikina Project and the collaborative project between the CTF, Salute e Sviluppo and the Italian Episcopal Conference. I will also take part in a joint medical, pastoral and humanitarian mission with CTF Philippines and the RMMF in Marikina, a place hit hard by Typhoon Ketsana.

CTF Thailand/Vietnam

From January 25-29 Fr. Pairat, the vice-provincial of the Camillians in Thailand, and I will be in Vietnam to look at how the mission of the CTF in that country might be furthered. Camillians recently responded to Typhoon Ketsana in Vietnam, and the country is affected by disasters on a regular basis.

CTF Thailand/Myanmar

From January 31 to February 6, 2010 – Fr. Pairat and I will go to Myanmar as part of the ongoing relief effort there. This will be the 11th CTF mission related to Cyclone Nargis that has included providing medical, pastoral and humanitarian assistance.

Thanks for your prayers and support for the mission. Let us keep those who are still suffering from disasters in our prayers.


2 thoughts on “The CTF in Asia and Beyond – An Update

  1. Halo Fr. Scott.
    Thanks for the up date on the CTF activities. Quite encouraging that the CTF mission is going on with the support of so many people. We will try to do more in Nairobi this year.

  2. Merci Scott, c’est agréable de pouvoir suivre tes déplacements et savoir ce que tu fais. Bonne année 2010 et continue ton beau travail.

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