Earthquake in Haiti 2 – Urgent Appeal 1

Earthquake in Haiti 1

Dear Friends of SOS DRS – the CTF in the United States,

Greetings from Manila, Philippines.

By now you have all heard about and seen the suffering of the people of Haiti in the wake of the terrible earthquake that struck that country on Tuesday January 12. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected in Haiti – the victims, their families and all the people in the country.

We of SOS DRS are following the situation very closely and are in contact with our Camillian colleagues in Haiti. In fact, our relief effort is already underway there through the efforts of Camillian priests and sisters that live and work at the Camillian healthcare facility in Port au Prince, Haiti. We have a small hospital there that is receiving the wounded and providing medical, humanitarian and pastoral support. So far more than 500 people have come to the hospital or been brought for treatment and 150 are actually staying at the facility for care. There are now 3 doctors and 3 nurses helping patients along with Camillians in formation.

SOS DRS together with CTF Central and the Camillians of the Piedmontese Province in Italy who run the hospital and have a community in Port au Prince will be helping in the wake of this disaster for a significant amount of time. As you know, this earthquake is a terrible disaster that will have long-lasting effects.

I am now in Manila, Philippines but plan to go very soon to Port au Prince along with a team of people including Brother Luca Perletti, MI (who is a nurse) and healthcare personnel from the US and Italy. Stay tuned for more details. I am looking forward to returning to Haiti where I was for more than a month in 2004 after Hurricane Jeanne. That was another terrbile disaster. The CTF also responded to Hurricane Gustav in Haiti in 2008.

If you would like to support the relief effort, there are many possibilities – through prayer, as a volunteer or financially. Please write me if you want to volunteer at

There are several ways to support the effort financiallyby sending a check, thru a wire transfer, or by credit card.

In anticipation of your generosity I offer my thanks

For more information, in the United States contact the SOS DRS Secretariat
at 414-431-6503 or by e-mail

Let us continue to pray for the victims of the earthquake, their families and those providing relief.

Fr. Scott

Earthquake in Haiti 3


One thought on “Earthquake in Haiti 2 – Urgent Appeal 1

  1. thanks God for the CTF.Gustave ,Jeanne,And now…In the name of my Haitians Brothers:Thanks

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