CTF Thailand..Moving Forward

Fr. Scott

Please note the results of the CTF-(vice) provinces conference in Thailand[Dec. 2009] and my subsequent meeting in Bangkok with the members of CTF Thailand on January 9, 2010. They are encouraging. Many thanks to our Thai confreres for their efforts and to Marissa for writing the minutes.


Camillian Hospital on Saturday, 9th January 2010


Fr. Rocco Pairat Sriprasert, Vice Provincial, Thailand

Fr. Scott F. Binet, Coordinator of CTF Central, Rome

Fr. Dominique Ackrapan Nunthawanich, Director of Camillian Hospital

Ms. Marissa Khomin – Volunteer [CTF Thailand], secretary for meeting .

L to R - Fr. Scott, Fr. Rocco, Marissa, Fr. Dominic

This informal meeting was held at the Camillian Hospital in order to discuss the issue of setting up the CTF Thailand. Fr. Rocco opened the meeting with a short pray and asked Fr. Scott to give a brief explanation of the vision for CTF Thailand.

Fr. Scott points out that a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush

Fr. Scott informed the participants of the meeting of the history of the establishment of the CTF Central in Rome. The idea of CTF was launched in 1995, at the Camillian General .  The actual  operation of the organization began in 2001. With the appointment of a full- time coordinator in 2004, CTF is in full operation in various part of the world. Membership of CTF Central is composed of the Coordinator (Fr. Scott), Head of Mission of Camillian Consulta (Bro. Luca Perletti) and the Head of Ministry of Camillian Consulta (Fr. Paulo). As CTF is not a legal entity, it is an implementing body of the Camillians for activities related to Disasters. However, CTF is working parallel with SOS.DRS. SOS.DRS is an NGO registered in US. The Board of SOS DRS is composed of 3 lay persons and 4 Camillians: (1) Fr. Scott, CTF Coordinator as the President of SOS.DRS, (2) Bro. Luca (Camillian Mission), (3) Fr. Paulo (Camillian Ministry) and (4) Fr. Babychan (Camillian Formation). The Father General and the Consulta of the Camillians will be the voice of final decisions of SOS,DRS.

The work of CTF & SOS.DRS is of an inter-disciplinary form and  involves work of different natures. It includes medical care, humanitarian care and pastoral care (both spiritual and psychological). CTF Central will collaborate with other branches of the CTF in their countries in the fields of mission, structure and formation. Fr. Scott told those present at  told the meeting that the CTF Indonesia and CTF Kenya have worked together with the local groups/partners in those countries. The CTF Kenya maintains an on-going office at the Pastoral Center in Kenya and collaborates with many volunteers to provide assistance to the slums.

In Philippines, the establishment was the respond to Typhoon Ketsana.   CTF Centraland SOS DRS worked with the Camillian office in Manila.  They submitted a request for assistance to respond to the Disaster, indicating the strategic plan of how to respond to and monitor the activities, including the details of Bank account through the Camillian Provincial, who is the primary responsible. The office would be established. An operational guideline would be formulated.

Fr. Dominic Elaborates on His vision of CTF Thailand

Fr. Dominique proposed that the CTF Thailand should be within the authority of the Camillian Vice-Provincial with the support of a Lead Team as policy decision-makers.  A CTF Coordinator served as Secretary of this Decision Makers group. He/she should be a full time person to run the whole office. During the Emergency period, there should be immediate coordination at the lead team with other agencies in the fields for external. For internal there should be various responsible persons as head of each departments (i.e. Logistic, Pastoral, Human resources, Finance, Communications, etc. However, it was considered as too details to discuss at this stage, the meeting then focused on the setting up of CTF Thailand.

It was proposed that the composition of the memberships of CTF Thailand would be (1) Vice-Provincial, (2) Representative from Commission for Pastoral, (3) Representative from Commission for Formation, (4) Representative from Commission for Social Works, (5) Representative from Commission for Administration and (6) one Coordinator – full time staff. As to the question of whether or not the experts for particular fields should be part of the CTF memberships or not, it was agreed that any experts could be invited to the CTF meeting as optional and not as part of the permanent basis. It was also mentioned that during the emergency period, the CTF Central and regional collaborators should also be part of the lead team in responding to the disaster. The criteria of the selection of coordinator of the CTF was discussed and it was suggested that that person could be anyone (man/women/religious person or lay people). The first criteria is that he/she should believe and trust in this nature of work, good social manner and be able to deal with different types of personalities at different levels, and also the capability to perform the required functions. He/she should have the skill of motivation. The Vice-Provincial Council would be the selection committee of this coordinator. The CTF and the Coordinator should be able to bring people alive and able to animate function to work together during the disaster as well as normal period. The coordinator should be able to have on-going good relationship with people and access to Provincial level both up and down. The working culture of CTF should be in a systematic approach. The good work of CTF would give good public image for Camillian. The activity of providing medical treatment and services through the mobile clinic could support the vocation and give live to Camillian Province. It was clarified that the work for refugees/migrants(from Myanmar and Laos) at the borders of Thailand would also be part of the disaster activity. It is manmade disaster due to political instability of the ethnic conflict and the respond is on-going expression.

Normally, the manmade disaster is a complex situation and not easy to dissolve.  It requires a stable and continuous response. This type of activity could be supported by CTF Central. Fr. Scott also explained that there are various levels of response to disaster, i.e. emergency, post-emergency, rehabilitation and development. He made it clear that CTF would not support the development activity. When it is necessary, the CTF Central will transfer the proposal to other agencies that supports the development project. It was also proposed that the office of CTF Thailand be located at the Pastoral Center. It was agreed in principle that the CTF Thailand should be set up as soon as possible. The details of operation guidelines and procedures should be made by the coordinator as part of the Lead Team in collaboration with the CTF Central. ***************


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