Haiti Earthquake 4 – CTF/SOS DRS On the Ground 1 – The Mission Continues

On the Ground 2

Fr. Scott

Greetings from Port au Prince, Haiti.

Yesterday, I arrived at 2:30 PM with the help of Missionary Flights International and AHVID [Association Haitiens Vivant a l’Etranger pour le Developpement]. I was accompanied by Patrick Tomeny – an SOS DRS volunteer who is an emergeny medical tech and pre-med student, the son of two friends and long-time supporters of the CTF – Dr. Patrick and Nelly Tomeny of  Tampa, Florida.

On the computer - again! - in the hangar at Ft. Pierce, Florida prior to departing from the US

Plane being used by Missionary Flights International to transport us to Haiti along with members of AHVIN

As the plane touched down in Haiti, Patrick and I were praying the most recent intentions for the World Mission Rosary. In fact, we were praying the intention for the decade dedicated to the continent of America; this particular decade is currently devoted to the crisis in Haiti:

America (Red Beads)

Intention – That the Lord Jesus through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Perpetual Help,  the Patron Saint of Haiti, may come to the aid of those affected by the earthquake in that country. May the Lord help all those affected by man-made and natural disasters in America.

That we were praying for this intention as we landed in Port au Prince is a positive omen. The Lord is good – all the time!

I am happy to be back in Haiti after my experience in Goniaves in 2004 – despite the present circumstances. Arriving here from the Philippines was not easy, nor was departing from the airport in Port au Prince. Many thanks to my Camillian confreres and several in the US who facilitated our arrival – in particular D’Ann Fisher and the Krasula and Solomon families in Jupiter, Florida. These families have been great supporters since we first met when I made a CTF fundraising appeal at St. Peter’s Church in 2006.

Patrick keeps vigil over the luggage..

Thank God my Camillian confrere, Fr. Marius [Burkina Faso], came to the airport in Port au Prince, i.e  to our rescue, after Patrick and I arrived. I did not want to walk to the Camillian community or take a cab: the group outside the airport gate in the streets did not look too friendly. Fr. Marius waited patiently at the international airport, while our plane arrived, more than an hour late, at the airport for domestic flights.

Communication during disasters is a challenge!

As Patrick and I sat in the hangar prior to our departure from Florida, I had spoken with the superior in Haiti,  Fr. Crescenzo Mazzella, by SKYPE.  In the end, we arrived safely in Haiti, where Fr. Marius came to meet us. Thank God.

The sight of the poverty of Haiti and the groups of young men loitering in the streets slapped me in the face as we drove back to the Camillian community.  I was somewhat accustomed to the former because I had spent a month in Haiti previously.  But the groups of young men with seemingly no purposeful activity created a sense of unease and sadness within me.

Patrick, Fr. Marius and I made our way back to the Camillian community.  We wandered through the streets and followed detours.  Traffic was heavy and and the bridge on a major street had been closed down. The street markets were bustling with people selling fruits, corn, sugar cane, etc. The only Catholic parish I  saw on the way – the Mission of the Cross – was totally destroyed.

Upon arriving, Patrick and I cleaned up  a bit  and  headed to the chapel. There, we adored the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, prayed the WMR and then celebrated mass for those who had suffered because of the earthquake. Praise the Lord for this opportunity to worship! May He bring greater good out of the tragedy than the suffering that the people are obviously experiencing.

OK. It is now morning here – another day – the sun is rising. Or should I say, the Son is rising – in His people here in Haiti and elsewhere.  And there is hope because of that. We will see  what this new day brings. Stay tuned, and please keep praying.

On the Ground 2


12 thoughts on “Haiti Earthquake 4 – CTF/SOS DRS On the Ground 1 – The Mission Continues

  1. Dear father, thanks for informing us I was quite worried afor the travellings..All of the pain of not being there to join the mission is offered for the Haitians and for your mission over there with Patrick. We are with you and all the pain you will encounter. God bless. Sr.Claire Marie

  2. Love and Prayers.

  3. We are working hard to aid your efforts at the hospital in Haiti. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the Haitian people following this incredible tragedy.
    God Bless,
    Keli and Rob

  4. thanks father scott. your work is in our prayers. i am patrick’s grandmother in baton rouge.

  5. Dear Fr. Scott,
    May God bless you abundantly for all you are doing for HIM. Keep up the wonderful work. You are in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless, Fred and Tammy Woell

  6. Dear Fr. Scott,
    God bless you and your team for all you are doing in Haiti. We keep the poor, suffering people and you in our prayers. May the Blessed Mother keep you under her mantle of protection and may God reward you.
    Friends in Christ,
    Syl & Judy Markowski

  7. all the best, as you help those very needy people. am behind you with lots of prayers

  8. Dear Fr. Scott and Team
    We are engrossed in your emails and website giving us great detail on your work in Haiti. We are with you in our prayer and hope, for the Haiti people that we as a world, will care for their wellbeing. Bless the Work of the Lord in your hands

    In St Camillus

  9. Thanks be to God that my former parishioner, now wonderful priest and doctor, Fr. Dr. Scott Binet, is present in Haiti to minister to Christ in the poor. What a gift from God he is!

  10. God bless you and all you do, Fr. Scott!

  11. God Bless you Father Scott. You are an inspiration for all of us. We met you last year at The Catholic Church Of St James, in Conway,SC. Thank you for your blessed service!

    David & Deborah Skiba

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