Activities Update – April 2010 – SOS DRS/CTF

 April 2010


April 5 – Fr. Scott returns to the US from Haiti after 75 days of service in the wake of the devastating earthquake there. 

April 10 – SOS DRS has a board meeting in Milwaukee at the headquarters of the organization. The following day, Divine Mercy Sunday, the Sunday after Easter, those present will celebrate the anniversary of the inauguration of the headquarters. This took place in 2008 on Divine Mercy Sunday.

April 11 – Accordo fra Le Misericordie e I Camilliani per collaborare nel lavoro della Camillian Task Force dopo i disastri

April 12-13 – Members of SOS DRS and CTF Central will gather at the headquarters in Milwaukee for the second CTF Leaders Conference. We are looking forward to the presence of Brother Luca Perletti, MI and Marco Iazzolino. We hope to be in touch via audio/videoconference with other CTF leaders from different parts of the world.

SOS DRS and CTF Central are working together to respond to 5 disasters in the world: in Chile, Haiti, Italy, Philippines and Kenya. Many thanks to all of those who are part of the effort.

April 14 – Marco Iazzolino and Fr. Scott Binet, MI will travel to Chile to accompany the members of CTF Chile in their response to the earthquake there. They will also be discussing the implementation of the CTF distance learning program envisioned for Latin America that will be done in collaboration with CTF Chile and the Camillian Center for Humanization in Madrid, Spain.  

April 14 – Brother Luca Perletti, MI will go to Haiti to support those responding to the earthquake who are working in the project based out of Foyer St. Camille, the Camillian Hospital in Haiti.

April 23 – Marco Iazzolino and Fr. Scott Binet MD, MI plan to meet in Boston with: Dr. Raffaele Arigliani (Studio Rainbow – IMR); Dr. Stefano Vicari (Studio Rainbow – Bambin Gesu Hospital); with Dr. William Barbaresi and his colleagues of Boston Children’s Hospital. The plan is to look at the status of Studio Rainbow [ PTSD study in Abruzzo, Italy] and to discern ways of collaborating in Italy and beyond.   

 April 24 – Fr. Scott and Dr. Arigliani will be going to Haiti to look at the possibility of collaborating there in a project similar to that  in Abruzzo. Fr. Scott will stay in Haiti and continue his work in the wake of the earthquake in Haiti.

Please keep our efforts in your prayers. 

Fr. Scott


4 thoughts on “Activities Update – April 2010 – SOS DRS/CTF

  1. Happy Anniversary to CTF headquarters.
    May Lord Our God give CTF services more influence to people of the world, especially whom suffer from disaster. So the people will rejoice Our Lord in the Name of Jesus the Christs.

  2. Thanks for the update!
    It is very encouraging to see the good work SOS DRS is doing.

    • Many thanks Dominic for your encouragement and efforts. You are playing an important role in what SOS DRS is doing.

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