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“Bienvenidos!”  Fr. Pietro Magliozzi, MI and Sebastian Maldonado welcomed us with open arms as Marco Iazzolino and I stepped into the waiting area. It was great to see Fr. Pietro again after so many years. We were together in Rome from 1999-2001. And it was he who helped to start the CTF with me and others in 2001.

Marco and I are in Chile to have a moment of communion with those responding to the earthquake here; to listen to them; to discern and to analyze their needs and those of the people affected by the seismic event; and to search for solutions together.

The February 27, 2010 earthquake left many devastating traces – death, injuries, destroyed homes, traumatized people, etc. [Terremoto in Cile 1] And now the winter is coming.  The mission continues in the midst of some significant suffering!

We arrived in Chile in the AM. After a brief breakfast with the Camillian community in Santiago and a 5- hour bus trip to Parral, we  sat down for lunch and then a meeting with the members of the community responding to the disaster in that city, Cauquenes and elsewhere.

They are in the second phase of the response after providing humanitarian assistance for more than a month in the form of food and other goods [see a personal reflection written by the coordinator of the project – Sebastian – written soon after the earthquake]. Now the focus is on psychospiritual support, material assistance in the area of healthcare, and mobile medical care. Because the winter is coming, we are also looking at both the needs of the elderly who have lost their homes and the hospital in Parral that was severely affected by the earthquake.

There is much work to do, and the community in Parral is moving forward. It is composed of lay men and women; sisters from both female branches of the larger Camillian family – the Daughters of St. Camillus and the Ministers of the Sick; and priests from the Ministers of the Infirm. And now we are joined by 4 members from Misoricordie who are in Chile to assess the situation and collaborate with us.    

We ended the day with dinner and the celebration of the Eucharist. It was a beautiful moment of communion – ubi caritas, Deus ibi est.

The new community formed in the wake of the earthquake in Chile - (L to R - Sister Alfonsina Stella, MI (Ministers of the Sick - Brazil); Gianluca Staderini (Misericordie - Italy); Dr. Maurizio Belli (Misericordie -Italy); Fr. Scott Binet, MI; Luca Lotti (Misericordie - Italy); Sister Haida Echeverria, MI (Daughters of St. Camillus - Peru); Andrea Patricia Arregui Asencio (Chile); Gionata Fatichenti (Misericordie - Italy); Marco Iazzolino; Sister Fatima Aparecida Vieria Santos (Ministers of the Sick - Brazil)

Not  pictured are Sebastian Maldonado (Project Coordinator, Social Worker – Chile), Fr. Pietro Magliozzi, MD, MI (Coordinator CTF Chile); Alicia Hernandez Espinoza (Chile – Psychotherapist)

Please pray for us and those we are serving in Chile – Ubi Caritas Deus Ibi Est 

Fr. Scott Binet MD,MI

Parral, Chile

The effects of the earthquake in Chile are still very apparent, and the work of CTF-SOS DRS here is expanding becuase of that. The people have significant needs. Please help them – Help Chile   


One thought on “Earthquake in Chile 13 – CTF Central in Chile 1

  1. Con Scott y Compartir El padre Marco, ha Sido CADA UNO párrafo de Nosotros realmente El Pecado Tiempo de gracia y de la Misión y la Visión Que Compartir El mismo Señor va teniendo El párrafo Quienes HACEMOS Grupo de Trabajo en Chile y en El Mundo, Tanta necesidad, Tanta Gente Casa Pecado, El Pecado Alimentos ni Vestuario, El Pecado Pecado Espacio Físico Que les permita Pasar El crudo invierno Que Se avecina, Seguimos Pidiendo la Ayuda de Nuestros y colaboradores la intercesión de Nuestra Madre María párr Qué nos cubra manto Con Su de amor … Desde Chile Nuestros agradecimientos y buenos deseos

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