Earthquake in Abruzzo 14 – The CTF in Aquila, Italy

On May 22, 2010 as part of the Saint Camillus Project and its associated Rainbow Study, the CTF and its collaborators will be in Aquila, Italy – the epicenter of the April 2009 earthquake – for 3 events.

1. There will be a course on counseling directed at helping people deal with a traumatized pediatric population. Attending the conference will be healthcare professionals including pediatricians. Dr. Raffaele Arigliani is coordinating the course.

2. Those responsible for the present psychological and pastoral support being offered to aid workers and clergy in Aquila on behalf of Project Saint Camillus will meet to review their efforts and to discuss the newest development of the Project – La Torretta. This is a house established by the CTF in conjunction with Caritas Italia and Caritas Aquila to help children and families deal with the trauma of the earthquake through a series of therapeutic modalities.

3. The board of the Rainbow Study is scheduled to meet on May 22 in the afternoon.



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