Ketsana 9 – The Rehabilitation Work Continues

Typhoon Ketsana 8

Here is a bit of news from Fr. Sam Cuarto, MI -a member of CTF Philippines. He is responsble for the Marikina Project  that is supported by CTF Central and SOS DRS. Fr. Sam is also implementing much of the CTF rehabiliatation project supported by the Italian Episcopal Conference. Both of these CTF projects began in the wake of the September 2009 typhoon that struck Manila. Fr. Sam writes:

“Dear Fr. Scott, our rehabilitation activities are still ongoing. We had to slow down for more than one week as the Philippines held its election of national and local officials. Philippine elections are a big thing here. Five houses are part of our ongoing rehabilitation project in Laguna courtesy of the funds sourced by Fr. Aris in Canada. We are procuring school supplies for school children of affected families in Barangay Nangka who until now could not recover financially from the flood. We have to remember most of the belongings of these affected families were washed out and it is like they have to build from scratch. We are using the CEI funds for this. This is still part of relief and soft rehabilitation work. Pray we are doing fine with our ongoing activities. Salud!”

Donate to the Typhoon Ketsana Relief Effort in the Phillipines (Asia) 

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