World Mission Rosary Intentions: June 21 – July 4, 2010

Servants of Saint Camillus Disaster Relief Services (SOS DRS)/

Camillian Task Force (CTF)

“When the World Mission Rosary is completed, one has embraced all continents, all people in prayer.” Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Instructions for Praying World Mission Rosary English Spanish Italian

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General Rosary Intention: That the Lord in His Divine Mercy – through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary – may build up His Kingdom, make these mysteries a reality in our lives, strengthen us in our common mission, and come to the aid of those for whom we pray.

Africa (Green Beads)

Intention – That the Lord Jesus through the intercession of St. Dorothy of Montau,  the Patron Saint against the Death of Children, may come to the aid of those affected by lead poisoning in Nigeria.  May the Lord help all those affected by man-made and natural disasters in Africa.

Disaster (Lead Poisoning) Map of Nigeria Extract from Tainted ponds kill cattle and children play in contaminated fields in Nigerian lead crisis:  “Among the flat lands and dried-out creekbeds of northern Zamfara state, Nigerian officials say more than 160 people have died from lead poisoning, the majority of them children. At least six villages remain contaminated with the lead, released during illegal, but highly profitable gold mining in the poor region.. . .  As masked Nigerian environmental experts examined a communal well in a village where more than 60 children were killed by lead poisoning, barefoot kids streaked with dust sat on the contaminated ground, running their hands through the silt and sucking on their fingers. Even as a foreign nonprofit begins training villagers to clean up after illegal gold mining caused the poisoning, children still roam among toxic dirt piles. Much of the dirt here has lead levels more than 23 times the limit in U.S. standards. (See also:  Nigeria lead poisoning: ‘Hundreds’ could die, CDC: Nigerian lead poisoning outbreak ‘unprecedented’ as doctors struggle to help ill children,  and videos: Child graves reveal lead poison tragedy, Mining may be poisoning children in Nigeria.

Saint Dorothy of Montau (Patron Saint against the Death of Children) (Memorials:  Oct. 30, June 25)  Extract from St. Dorothy of Montau. “Peasant, one of nine children. Married at age 17 a wealthy swordsmith named Adalbert or Albrecht of Prague (in modern Czech Republic). Bore nine children, only one of whom survived; the girl became a Benedictine nun. Difficult marriage; she suffered abuse from her husband, but she encouraged him in his trade and his faith. Went on a pilgrimage to Rome, Italy in 1389, fell ill, and was forced to stay for many weeks, during which time her husband died at home. Widow. Nun at Marienwerser. Great devotion to the Blessed Sacrament; the absorption of the Eucharist ‘agitated her like boiling water; had she been allowed, she would willingly have torn the host from the priest’s hands to bring it to her mouth….’ Lived in a 6×9 foot cell. Visionary. Miracle worker. . .See St. Dorothy of Montau, bł. Dorota z Mątowów and Santa Dorotea. See video:  Beata Dorotea de Montau, viuda y patrona de Prusia.

Oceania (Blue Beads)

Intention – That the Lord Jesus through the intercession of St. Emygdius,  the Patron Saint of Earthquakes, may come to the aid of those affected by the  Tsunami in Samoa. May the Lord help all those affected by man-made and natural disasters in Oceania.

Disaster (Tsunami – Samoa) Map of Samoa Extract from Rebuilding Continues after Tsunami It is now just over eight months since Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga were hit by the devastating underwater earthquake and tsunami. The disaster left nearly 200 people dead, many of whose bodies are yet to be recovered. Worst hit was the South Coast of Samoa, which was one of the main tourist attractions for the island nation and overseas visitors figured heavily in those lost. The people are still suffering significantly as they deal with the loss of loved ones, homes, work and the Samoa they once knew.

Saint (Emygdius) (Patron Saint of Earthquakes) (Memorial:  August 5) Extract from Saint Emygdius: “His legend states that he was a pagan of Trier who became a Christian. He also converted many to Christianity. He was made a bishop by Pope Marcellus I (or Pope Marcellinus), and sent to Ascoli Piceno. On his way to Ascoli, Emydgius made more conversions, and performed a miracle where he made water gush out of a mountain after striking a cliff. See also: August 5 – Saint Emygdius: Patron Saint against Earthquakes.

Europe (White Beads)

Intention – That the Lord Jesus through the intercession of  Saint Martin of Tours,  the Patron Saint of France, may come to the aid of those affected by Storms in France.  May the Lord help all those affected by man-made and natural disasters in Europe.

Disaster (Storms) Map of France Extract from: Storms Kill at Least 19 in France:  “DRAGUIGNAN, France (Reuters) – Flash floods caused by torrential rain killed 19 people and left seven missing near France’s Mediterranean coast, an official said on Wednesday, after the worst downpours the region has seen since 1827. . . . The sub-prefect for the region said 19 people had died and seven others were missing. More than 1,000 people found refuge in schools and other buildings after their homes were swamped. Helicopters flew over 450 rescue missions and some 100,000 households were without electricity.  Draguignan was the worst-hit town, with hundreds of vehicles swept away and several neighborhoods under water,” the local prefect Hugues Parant said. See French flash floods kill 20 and videos:  Several dead as rescuers struggle in French floodsDeadly flash floods hit France, Flash Flood kills 15 in France andFlash Floods kill 19 in France.

Saint (Martin of Tours) (Patron Saint of France) (Feast Date: Nov. 11).  Extract From: SAINT MARTIN OF TOURS BISHOP, CONFESSOR—316-400 “St. Martin, called ‘the glory of Gaul,’ was born about the year 316 of pagan parents in Sabaria, Upper Pannonia, a province comprising northern Yugoslavia and western Hungary. . . . As the son of a veteran, at the age of fifteen he was required to begin service in the army. Though never shirking his military duty, he is said to have lived more like a monk than a soldier. Young Martin was stationed at Amiens, in Gaul, when the incident occurred which tradition and art have rendered so famous. As he rode towards the town one winter day, he noticed near the gates a poor man, thinly clad, shivering with cold, and begging alms. Martin saw that none who passed stopped to help the miserable fellow. He had nothing with him but the clothes he wore, but, drawing his sword from its scabbard, he cut his great woolen cloak in two pieces, gave one half to the beggar, and wrapped himself in the other. The following night, the story continues, Martin in his sleep saw Jesus Christ, surrounded by angels, and dressed in the half of the cloak he had given away. A voice bade him look at it well and say whether he knew it. He then heard Jesus say to the angels, “Martin, as yet only a catechumen, has covered me with his cloak.”[1] Sulpicius Severus, the saint’s friend and biographer, says that as a consequence of this vision Martin “flew to be baptized.” . . . . Even as a bishop, Martin lived an austere life.. . . Martin’s piety and preaching resulted in the decline of paganism in that part of Gaul. See also:  Saint Martin of ToursSee picture of Saint Martin of Tours, See videos:  Saint Martin of Tours: Nov. 11, The Story of Saint Martin, and Prayers to St. Martin of Tours.


America (Red Beads)

Intention – That the Lord Jesus through the intercession of St. Mary, Our Lady of the Holy Souls,  the Patron of Arkansas, may come to the aid of those affected by flash floods in that state.  May the Lord help all those affected by man-made and natural disasters in America.

Disaster (Flash Floods) Map of Arkansas Extract from:  Arkansas flood rescue under way:  ‘The search continues for up to 22 people still missing after a camp site in the US state of Arkansas was hit by a powerful flash flood.  At least 18 people were confirmed dead on Saturday as a result of the flooding.  A wall of water, triggered by heavy rains that swelled the Little Missouri River to six metres, swept through a camp ground as campers slept on Friday, carrying away tents and overturning camper vans. See also:  Arkansas Flash Flood: 20 Dead16 dead in flash flood at camp siteArkansas flood: survivors’ stories, and videos:  Deadly flash floods in Arkansas., Arkansas Flood Survivors share stories and Arkansas’ Flood Victims.

Saint Mary, Our Lady of the Holy Souls (Patron Saint of Arkansas) (Feast Date: Month of Nov.) Extract from: Holy Souls Catholic Church:  “Prayer to Our Lady of the Holy Souls by The Children of Holy Souls Parish–Mary, Our Lady of the Holy Souls, pray for us and all the souls in Purgatory. Help us to help them by our continued prayers. Please pray for the release of all Holy Souls from their suffering and agony. May God grant them the purification needed because of their sins. May they experience Heaven in all its glory with the light of God’s Love and in the absolute unity of His Kingdom. Amen.”  See also Our Lady’s Tears:  Novena for the Holy SoulsHoly Souls CrusadePurgatory,  Prayers to Our Lady of the Holy SoulsMarian titles chosen for one out of four churches in diocese, See videos: Schubert – Ave Maria (Opera), Jesus – Mary Did You Know Video – The Passion.

Asia (Yellow Beads)

Intention – That the Lord Jesus through the intercession of St. Elizabeth of Portugal,  the Saint Invoked in Times of War, may come to the aid of those affected by rioting  in Kyrgyzstan.  May the Lord help all those affected by man-made and natural disasters in Asia.

Disaster (Riots) Map of Kyrgyzstan. Extract from:  Kyrgyzstan: Violence may spread beyond Osh:  “The flaring of ethnic conflict in Kyrgyzstan, the worst violence since the April revolution, is currently confined to the southern city of Osh but ACT Alliance members fear it may spread to other parts of the country and beyond, in a region ACT describes as an often forgotten corner of the world. Tatiana Kotova, of the ACT Central Asia Forum, speaking from the capital Bishkek, said that fighting between ethnic Kyrgyz and Uzbeks could easily escalate. Violence today killed 28 in Osh, power base of exiled former president Kurmanbek Bakiyev whose government was overthrown in April. It threatens to disrupt a referendum on the draft constitution scheduled for a fortnight as people are less likely to participate. The interim government has declared a state of emergency in four southern regions. See also: Ethnic violence in Kyrgyzstan leaves at least 45 deadKyrgyzstan rioting toll passes 100, troops given shoot-to-kill orders and  videos:UN chief Ban Ki-moon alarmed by Kyrgyzstan clashes, Thousands of Uzbeks Flee Violence in Kyrgyzstan, Civilians flee Kyrgyzstan violence., Uzbeks flee Kyrgyzstan violenceandUzbeks close border with Kyrgyzstan.

Saint Elizabeth of Portugal (Patron Saint Invoked in Times of War) (Feast Date: July 4, Canonized May 25, 1625).  Extract from: Elizabeth of Portugal: “Elizabeth was a Spanish princess who was given in marriage to King Denis of Portugal at the age of twelve. She was very beautiful and very lovable. She was also very devout, and went to Mass every day. Elizabeth was a holy wife, but although her husband was fond of her at first, he soon began to cause her great suffering. In his last sickness, she never left his side, except for Mass, until he died a holy death. St. Elizabeth lived for eleven more years, doing even greater charity and penance. She was a wonderful model of kindness toward the poor and a successful peacemaker between members of her own family and between nations. Because St. Elizabeth was faithful to daily Mass, she found strength to carry her many great crosses. See also: July 4- St. Elizabeth of Portugal, Patron Saint of Peace (Multilingual)ELIZABETH OF PORTUGAL: ‘FOR, IN HER IS A SPIRIT INTELLIGENT, HOLY, UNIQUE‘ , Saint Elizabeth Queen Saint of Portugal. .Santa Isabel Reina de Portugal, Terciaria O.F.M, Święta Elżbieta Portugalska, królowa


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