October 1, 2010 – Flooding in Benin

Disaster (Floods) Map of Benin. Extract from Benin floods kill 43, make 98,000 homeless:  “Flooding in the West African nation of Benin has killed 43 people and left nearly 100,000 homeless, a UN official says, citing numbers collected since the beginning of October. . . . ‘The deaths were caused by either drowning or the collapse of homes.’ He also said 97,815 people were homeless, while nearly 360,000 were affected and more than 55,000 homes were destroyed. Nearly two-thirds of the nation were hit by flooding, a UN statement said. The humanitarian situation was ‘becoming increasingly worrying’, it said, with the country in need of emergency shelter, food and clean water. ‘Out of the country’s 77 communes, 42 are completely inundated,’ said Jadjombaye.  A cholera outbreak has added to the misery, with 800 cases counted across Benin, including seven deaths, he said.”  See also: Floods in Benin kill 43 people.  VIDEOS:  Benin floods 2010, Floods in Benin city textilemill road, and Heavy Downpour Causes Flood in Benin city.


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