Pakistan Floods 1 – Mushtaq has Landed

Pakistan Floods – CTF Mission Map  

Mushtaq Anjum, MI – a Pakistani who is also a scholastic in the Philippines Province – returned to his homeland on September 27, 2010 [see map of Pakistan] .

Mushtaq went to Pakistan to help those affected by the floods that ravaged the country.

Deaths 1,974
Injured 2,940
Household damaged 1,659,890
Population affected 20,184,550
Cropped areas (Hectares) 2,244,644
District Affected 78

Mushtaq presented a very thorough and thought provoking pre-mission report before going to Pakistan.

Mushtaq’s report was followed by an appeal for help at the level of the Order

Fr. Aris of CTF Central then sent out an e-mail announcing the mission to Pakistan.

Mushtaq is the first member of a CTF-SOS DRS team that will be doing an analysis of the situation and providing disaster relief according to our pastoral, medical and humanitarian mission. Fr. Aris Miranda, MI – of the Philippine Province and representing CTF Central – will join Mushtak on October 16.

Here are Mushtaq’s own words after his arrival on September 27: 

Fr. Aris, Marco and Dear Confreres

Greetings of peace. I am still in good hands of Christ our Saviour. internet connection and signals are difficult to find at this moment. I will make my way to get access to internet soon. Minutes of my meeting with Bishop of Multan:

I arrived in the Multan Diocese on September 27, 2010 and had meeting with the bishop of Multan: Bishop Andrew Francis on September 28, 2010.

1.      Regarding the invitation for Fr. Aris. He said he has already prepared and will fax, and email it soonest the possible. I saw the invitation letter.

2.      Logistics: He will provide us rooms, food, and transportation for the days that Fr. Aris and I will stay in his diocese, that is, three weeks. But we will not spend the three weeks in Multan. We will go to visit other flood stricken places in other parts of the country as well. I also told him that we would need his help in terms of “human resources” from the diocese in case of medical mission. I am in contact with the Holy Family Sisiters as well, in case we will need their help for medical mission.

3.      The objectives of the visit: The objective of the said visit is the collect data, make a survey and do the “need analysis” for the possible plan of action/intervention.

4.      For the longer stay, he offered us a vacant and unused house. I will see that place this evening. But  I AM NOT IN FAVOR OF THIS IDEA YET. The bishop says that he prays for our congregation to accept and consider his diocese to the possible mission. 

5.      Bishop’s visit to Rome: In my previous call over the phone, he expressed his desire to visit the generalate. He will be in Rome from October 10-20, 2010. Please send me the address, contact number of Maddelena, so that he could communicate with them.

 My tentative Schedule

September 27 – Diocese of Multan

September 28 – Meeting with the bishop of multan [see map]

September 29 – i will join the bishop in a flood area

September 30 – back to Okara

October 1 – will attend a marian festival in Chak 10, Okara where the bishop of multan will be there. He asked me to be there and assist him in the mass

October 02 – I will proceed to the parish of Fr. Waseem Walter in JHANG, the part of the Faisalabad Diocese. we talked over the phone today. 

October 05-06  – AM: possible visit to the place/village of our former Camillian seminarian: Emmanuel. Khushpur. Devastation brought about by the continuous heavy rains. PM: possible friendly visit, meeting and courtesy call with the vicar general of Faisalabad and Bishop Joseph Coutts

October 06 – back to Faisalabad

October 06  – departure to Hyderabad Diocese…c/o Holy Family sisters [see map]

October 06-10 – Visits to the flood areas in Hyderabad diocese

October 11 – Back to Faisalabad

October 12   – back to Okara

October 13 – Wait for Fr. Aris’ arrival

Bro. Mushtaq Anjum, MI
Ministers of the Infirm (CAMILLIANS)
Philippine Province

On October 2, Mushtak writes:

Dear Fr. Aris,

Today I am in Jhang. I visited the medical camp organized by Fr. Waseem. He brought me to the place Moza Pipal (like a scattered village). I met the people whom they have assisted. I have not been yet in a refugee camp yet.

In Punjab Area, the waters have dried up. the people have gone back to their house and started to rebuild their lives. However, they come back to the distribution centers and get relief goods and whatever is offered to them.

At this time, i have postponed my schedule to Hyderabad, SINDH Province, I talked to Fr. Daood, OFM. he is expecting me/us to visit their on Oct 11. However, I will adjust the date. So far, I have observed the medical needs of the people. Mostly the crops of these people were destroyed, and these are farmers, they need assistance in that aspect. I will explore the possibilities of visiting the refuge camp. and will take note of what you have asked me to do…
Tomorrow, I will visit Faisalabad bishop’s house. I also received a call from Fauzia from faisalabad. I will visit them tomorrow. Will keep in touch
Bro. Mushtaq Anjum, MI
Ministers of the Infirm (CAMILLIANS)
Philippine Province
On October 1, wanting to support Mushtaq in anticipation of his own trip to Pakistan, Fr. Aris responds:
Dear Mushtaq,

Greetings from the CTF!

Thanks a lot for this update and much more we are so grateful to God that he keeps you well through the help of the bishop.

One of the things that you may start to explore is to ask people who are directly involve with the relief efforts and ask them

– what are the present needs (according to priorities)
– how they manage to provide these needs (resources, difficulties, challenges)
– what are the major problems they encounter

If you have been visiting to refugee camps, you may get in touch directly with these people on the ground. Your observations are very important also in your visit. Have it recorded well.

I’m hoping that I will get the visa by Monday. I have already a tentative flight schedule (Oct 13 – Nov 4) but this could be adjusted if necessary.

Regards to the bishop.

Praying for you,

Aris Miranda, MI

Help those affected by the floods in Pakistan


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