Ketsana 11 – A Year Later


 Fr. Charley Ricafort, MI


CTF-Philippines responded to Typhoon Ondoy 2009 (codenamed Ketsana) by focusing on three gravely affected areas: Marikina, Cainta, and Boso-Boso. The Camillian religious were actively involved in the implementation of the relief plan funded by the CEI, SOS-DRS, CTF and local resources. Here are a few Photos from Fr. Aris

Fr. Samuel Cuarto, MI as team leader in Marikina already submitted their end-of-the-project executive summary report through Fr. Aristelo Miranda, MI. This final report with photos on its relief operation and rehabilitation is to be submitted to CTF-Central in Rome.

Fr. Rolando Fernandez, MI as team leader in Cainta reported that the series of Cainta Ondoy relief operations and the six-month feeding program for children already ended. A medical mission was conducted last December 13-14, 2009 with 1,146 medical patients,  21 surgical patients, and 210 dental patients. There were 45 referred patients to St. Camillus Polyclinic.

Fr. Charly Ricafort, MI as the newly assigned parish priest in Annunciata Parish in Boso-Boso still continues the Boso-Boso relief operations started by Fr. Domingo Barawid, MI, the former parish priest. More than 2,000 families became beneficiaries of the emergency phase of the relief operations that started on September 27,2009 and lasted until November 30,2009.

In the second phase, the health assistance phase, there were 12 medical-dental missions conducted in Boso-Boso since November 22, 2009. The latest medical-dental mission was conducted August 29, 2010. There are still series of ongoing medical-dental missions.

After a series of medical missions, it was found out that in the areas of Boso-Boso and Cainta, tuberculosis among children and among adults is common. CTF-Philippines launched a medical program for children with primary complex and then for adults with tuberculosis.

CTF-Philippines continues the provision of medicines to the enrolled patients in the Primary TB and Primary Complex program in Boso-Boso and Cainta. There will be an ongoing feeding program in Boso Boso area to supplement and improve the health status of the Primary Complex beneficiaries.

Some families of the victims are committed to pursue the sustainable agro-forestry project, knowing fully well the great impact of denuded forests on their lives. They are asking 52 sacks of rice to sustain their efforts in developing the project site which will eventually become a sustaining livelihood for them and at the same time, they could contribute in preserving the environment.

CTF-Philippines has already a social worker as its staff. A new set of CTF-Philippines core group will be discussed in the next Provincial Council meeting.

Fr. Charley


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