Haiti – Earthquake 44 – Feeding Program in Carcasse

MarcDaly Joassaint writes from Carcasse, Haiti – a little coastal village not far from Jeremie in the southern portion of the island. Mark is a member of the CTF-SOS DRS community – Our Lady of Perpetual Help – located in Solino (Port au Prince). Marc is in Carcasse to deliver funds to implement the 3rd phase of the CTF-SOS DRS feeding/microfinancing program started on Aug 16. The feeding program is intended to provide a meal/day for 650 students/earthquake orphans while the microfinance program is an agricultural/animal-based effort to supplement/replace the feeding program.

His little travel story indicates the difficulties of working on this island paradise: welcome to Haiti.

Greetings – Kakas

Dear Father Scott I am now Kakas. The journey was long and difficult. Following our departure from Port-au-Prince: we spent over an hour in a traffic jam; we had a flat tire.  In Gressier 1 hour past Au Cayes, our car was stopped because of rain force as two buses have experienced dificulties to get through. And consequently they blocked the road.

Another reason for this long journey: Fr. Verdieu had led directly Sister Mona Marfranc and continued to return to Jeremie – at 2 AM. We left Jeremie in the afternoon and arrived Kakas at 7h50 min of the evening. The car had to leave the short route because it was raining and we could not continue. And we had a flat tire in a hole.

Father Verdieu last night and I had a meeting there. He has already sent someone this morning to go to to buy the food in Au Cayes. I can not assure you that the food will arrive in my presence. Because it will take several days to get to Kakas. I have a person to make come with the receipts by ground and in the meantime the food will come by sea.

This morning I have a meeting with Louis, and after I have to see the gardens and the animals. And I plan a meeting with the community in the afternoon. I will write you later to give you the report of the day. May God bless all of u.


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