Pakistan Floods 7 – Building Houses in Hyderabad

Pakistan Floods – CTF Mission Map  

Pakistan 6 – in Italiano, Fides – un riassunto, dengue

Pakistan 5  – In Sindh, with pictures

Pakistan 4 – Fr. Aris and Mushtaq move on

Pakistan 3 In Kotadu

Fr. Scott

As so often happens in disasters, one of the major issues facing those who survive is where to stay and how to do so in a secure way. That is particularly true with floods that can be very devastating. On their assessment mission in Pakistan, Fr. Aris and Mushtaq saw many people who were in need of a way to restart their lives through procuring safe shelter.

One particular group that needs help is the Hindu population in the Diocese of Hyderabad. For that reason CTF Central together with SOS DRS has made the decision to help reconstruct some 5o houses in this region for these people. Mushtaq will remain in Pakistan until at least January and supervise the effort that will be done in coordination with some Franciscans, the Diocese, and the Philippine Province. Fr. Aris will be his primary collaborator and may at some point return to Pakistan. we also hope to send other Camillians and members of the CTF. Stay tuned for more updates.

Please help CTF-SOS DRS as it serves the people of Hyderabad, Pakistan and helps them find shelter and some relief in their suffering.


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