Hurricane Thomas 4 – The Situation is Worse than we Thought

Hurricane Thomas 3 – MarcDaly and Therese go to the site of the Hurricane

Hurricane Thoma 2 -We were spared but our friends were not

Dear Fr. Scott,

Health and peace to you.

As I am writing this email to you I just want to let you know that I am already in Carcasse. The mission continues. Marc and I are doing well. We are keeping busy with the Lord’s work. Fr. Verdieu is doing well also. He greets you as well.

Fr. S, yesterday I went to visit Desourmaux and Iroix. They are on the coast between Jeremie and Salut. Much to the chagrin of those in these places and in Les Cayes, Thomas decided to visit them in the south of Haiti (see the map) last week.

Desourmaux and Iroix were hit hard by the cyclone. It was bad. There is a parish named St. Michel in Desourmaux under  the  Diocese of Jeremie that was destroyed by the cyclone. The parish priest’s name is Fr. De Jean Wagnel and he is looking for help to renovate the church and also a school. The roof of the church is destroyed. I will send you some pictures. Now the parishioners are praying and having mass in a tent. But sometimes the tent collapses because of heavy wind.

Desourmaux was hit by the cyclone bad. This is the second time for them to have this problem in 1 year. It was 5 months ago that the church was hit by a cyclone and now it happened again. They don’t have enough resources to renovate the church. I don’t know what are your thoughts about this. I am looking forward to talk with you regarding this situation.

In Iroix the parish is looking for help to build the chapel which was  also destroyed by the cyclone. They have 5 station churches, and all of them are destroyed. I don’t know how can we help them. I would like to talk to you also regarding this situation. You know the church is very important for the people. That is a place for people to pray and to worship together. I would like if it is possible for our budget to support them. Of course we need to calculate and see how we can work together. I could not believe it when I saw all the damage caused by the cyclone. I thought it was not really bad because in PaP there was little damage. But here it is very much worse.

Many houses were destroyed and many gardens are gone because of the cyclone. Many church are collapsed. Anyway, first let us put them in our prayers, and please we need to think for them how to support them to give them hope for the future.


Fr. Verdieu, together with Theresia Sinaga – the program director of our activities in Carcasse, along with MarcDaly Joassaint, her assistant – are deciding how to move forward. Stay tuned and consider helping us help those in the areas affected by Thomas. CTF-SOS DRS has already appropriated a significant amount of money to help our friends and those affected by Thomas. Please join us.


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