Cholera 9 – SOS DRS Arrives Just in Time

Cholera 8 – Urgent Situation in Irois

Dear Fr. Scott,


Greetings from Irois. Yes, we are fine. MD, Vickens and I are fine. We were so busy yesterday. We worked yesterday from 8 AM till 6 PM in the hospital. We helped the nurses who do not know much about cholera. We had to send a patient also yesterday to another hospital. And the bad news was there were 2 people died because of cholera. They were old people. The have been in the hospital for a week. But like I said because the hospital lacked of medicines they could not do anything.

Les Irois is on the Coast Between Jeremie and Port Salut

It was painful for me. I had a chance to meet them and to stay with them. But my heart was so painful when I saw them dying. I was trying my best to do what I can do to help them. But the Lord decided in a different way. However, I want to continue this work.

There are more people who are still in need. Our help was in the right time yesterday. We were able to help around 9 people with our medicines. Now the patients in the hospital decreased. Some of them has been sent to Hauns de Naux hospital (around 45 minutes from Irois) which has more equipment and also medicines. To be honest the cholera is a bit complicated here.

Those people who are affected by cholera are malnourished. So It’s more easy for them to get cholera. And the problem also is the water. They are using water from a river for all (cooking, bathing, etc).

Yesterday it was just like a crazy day for us. I am sorry we did not have many pictures because we did not have any time to take. In the morning MD, Vickens were busy to prepare the ORS for the patients. Because the patients did not have any water for them except their own water from their house. Thanks God we brought many gallons with us.

I was busy to prepare the tent for the patients. The nurses mixed all the patients which is not good. And Vickens was helping the nurse to go to Hauns de Naux hospital to get more needles for the IV fluids. MD and I continued to help the patients to give them ORS and also to prepare tents. The hospital did not have enough vehicles. They only have an ambulance which is not really well. So yesterday our vehicle was the only one that we can used for picking medicines and also for sending patients. Thank God our vehicle is doing well.

We did not have any problems yesterday. MD also gave the information about cholera t patients – just like what he did in Petit Riviere.

Well, we did not realize that the time was move forward so fast. Then at 6 PM we realized that we were very tired. But thank God everything went well. Now I am thinking and preparing to buy many things (big garbage cans, big drums for the water, etc.) for the mission. MD, Vickens and I are working on how to organize the hospital to be able to use a center for the cholera. Please stay tuned. I will update you more.

In my last request I would like you to keep praying for us and those people who are dying because of cholera.


Donate – Relief in Haiti -Earthquake, Cholera, Hurricane Thomas 

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