Pakistan Floods 8 – A Look Back – Meet Mushtaq

 Pakistan 7 – Building Houses in Hyderabad

Here is the e-mail that got our response to the floods in Pakistan underway – an effort that now includes reconstructing houses, medical camps, training people to provide pastoral care, etc. Stay tuned for more updates – and enjoy meeting Mushtaq. Please pray for him, our efforts and those in Pakistan.

Dear Fr. Scott,

Greetings of Peace and of good health,

I am Mushtaq Anjum, MI, a camillian Scholastic, presently assigned for my Pastoral year in St. Camillus Hospital, Mati, Davao Oriental. I am  from Okara. My place is around 110 kilometer away from Bishop’s residence. My family is not directly affected by the flood so far. however, the flood was not so far either. It is just 20 kilometers away in the adjacent city.

I belong to the Faisalabad Diocese, Pakistan. I have been in contact with some priests from Lahore Archdiocese and with the vicar general of the Diocese of Faisalabad. I am sure Fr. Khalid Rasheed, the vicar general, has talk with Bishop Joseph Coutts about my contact with him. Fr. Khalid Rasheed also narrated to me that Caritas Pakistan is helping. Bishop Joseph Coutts is the president of Caritas Pakistan.

I have been also in constant communication with Fr. Aris. I am also aware of your communication with Fr. Aris about the difficulties and perhaps possiblity of our help to the flood victims as well as the challenges to help.

The damage is massive. I am also aware of CTF’s involvement in Haiti and your wonderful efforts for the recovery of the Haitian people.

I am also hoping that we can do something for the good of the people and alleviate their suffering in Pakistan. I follow up the CNN and Al-Jazeera news channels and other news agencies and see the misery of the people. It is the poor who suffered most., esp. the children and the women.

Fr. Aris and I talked about the situation when he was in the Philippines. and I have sent several info to Fr. Aris about the tragedy as well.

I pray for Camillian mission headed by you in Haiti that God, through Mary and St. Camillus, will bring it to full fruition for his glory.

Let us pray for one another. Hoping to hear from you.
God bless

Bro. Mushtaq Anjum, MI
Ministers of the Infirm (CAMILLIANS)
Philippine Province

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