Pakistan Floods 9 – Meet our Local Collaborators – The Franciscans (OFM)

Pakistan Floods 8 – Meet Mushtaq

On November 16, already in Pakistan for a bit and after the visit of Fr. Aris, Mushtaq writes about the Franciscans that he has met in Hyderabad. They have become important local collaborators. Here is a look at this early part of the mission in Pakistan as the relationship with the Franciscans develops

Dear Scott,

Greetings from the Diocese of Hyderabad.

I am in Hyerdrabad. I am staying in the Cathedral parish house with OFM fathers. This afternoon, I had meeting with the team of volunteers of OFM parishes. Fr. David OFM and catechist were there.

I talked about our congregation, charism and ministry, and our present purpose of the CTF.

On Nov 16 at 8AM we went to small Hindu and Christian communities in Kotri, Disst Jamshoro which we already together with Fr. Aris visited.

We will specify deserving families and give them tokens and organize them before giving the construction material for roofing. We will measure the houses so that the material will be proper in size.

On Nov 17, we will conduct a seminar on PASTORAL CARE which will serve as a capacity building, improving sympathy and empathy and listening skills in the light of the gospel values, that in serving them, we serve Jesus the Christ. these volunteers and medical professionals will attend this seminar in which a Camillian spirituality will be inculcated as well. I called and updated Fr. Samson Shukardin, OFM about the seminar; he was very appreciative of this; he said that we really need this in our undertakings. Fr. Samson and David, both OFM, are very excited about it. Fr. David will also be a resource person together with me.

The seminar will tackle on the following topics
1) Orientation of the volunteers for Disaster Mental Health and Psycho-social Assistance
2) “A thoughtful Word, A healing Touch”

3) Fr. David will also be a speaker.

We are a little slowed down because of the muslim feast. These are holidays so we will make the most of it in our preparation.

Bro. Mushtaq Anjum, MI
Ministers of the Infirm (CAMILLIANS)
Philippine Province

20 million people were displaced by the floods in Pakistan. CTF-SOS DRS is providing many of them with medical care, shelter, pastoral care and humanitarian support. Please help us help those affected by the floods in  Pakistan

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