Pakistan 11 – Working with the Franciscans in Hyderabad

20 million people were displaced by the floods in Pakistan. CTF-SOS DRS is providing many of them with medical care, shelter, pastoral care and humanitarian support. Please help us help those affected by the floods in  Pakistan

Mushtaq writes:

Dear Confreres
Today I, together with Fr. David, OFM, Caritas personnel, and OFM youth volunteers, revisited Hindu and Christian communities which Fr. Aris and I visited almost a month ago.

We measured the houses. It will help us buy roofing material in fitting form for the structures they have built. Almost 25 families have been registered who will benefit and get roofing material. The other 25 we will pinpoint in another Christian community in Jati, part of the Dioceese of Hyderabad, which is almost 2 hours ride away from Hyderabad. There are so many sitting in tents in Sindh area waiting for help.

We interacted with the people; we asked them how to go about it and encouraged them to start, and continue those who have already started rebuilding their devastated houses.

Some even complained that if they will spend time in rebuilding their houses (with mud which takes almost a month since the mud has to dry before you can put another layer on it) how can they survive because they go earning money for their daily sustenance…

The people were so generous and thanked us and our congregation for remembering them, for helping them in this difficult time when they need most. They invited us to visit them even in the future, not necessarily with some relief goods and material.

The women, children, disable, sick and old people are most vulnerable in this tragedy. The life is so difficult for these people who are just sitting in the tent and waiting for the help to arrive earlier and faster than winter…

Bro. Mushtaq Anjum, MI
Ministers of the Infirm (CAMILLIANS)
Philippine Province

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