Pakistan 12 – The Pastoral Formation with the OFMs begins

20 million people were displaced by the floods in Pakistan. CTF-SOS DRS is providing many of them with medical care, shelter, pastoral care and humanitarian support. Please help us help those affected by the floods in  Pakistan

Mushtaq writes:

Dear Confreres,

Today it is another fruitful day. As scheduled, we conducted pastoral care training for volunteers. After prayer, we started with orientation to the activity.

Bro. Mushtaq Anjum, MI spoke on the following topics

1)    Orientation of Volunteers for Disaster Mental Health and Psychosocial Assistance

2)  Mental Health and Psychosocial Assessment and the Role of Psychologists/ Pastoral Care givers

3) Mental Health and Psychosocial Interventions and the Role of Psychologists/ Pastoral Care givers

4) Preparing to Help: Self Assessment of Knowledge and Skills

5) Preparing to help: Grounding expectations

6) Some guidelines to help you inoculate yourself from the Negative Effects of Stress

7)   A Thoughtful Word, A healing Touch

Fr. David Mughal, OFM spoke on

8) Jesus and his healing Ministry…

The participants were glad and thankful for the opportunity to grow. Some saw the importance of such input which are not only beneficial to the participants during their visit to the flood victims but saw and acknowledged the significance of such input in their daily lives for proper human growth.

The seminar ended with short pray followed by lunch.


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