Cholera 15 – Vickens is on the Move

Vickens is one of the Haitian members of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Community in Port au Prince. He has been with us since July and has been of inestimable importance in the accomplishment of our mission – primarily as a logistics person. As I mentioned in Cholera 13/14, I was in Grand Anse for about 10 days. I joined Marc Daly and Therese who had already been there with Vickens for a week or two. MD and Theresia then left me and Vicekns and Josh and Dr. Ed on the 7th or so. And then I left Vickens in charge on the 11th when I returned to Port au Prince. Here is his first report – written with the help of Josh I think. So here it is – Vickens is on the Move. 

heart and peace

The last couple days have been very busy.  Dr. Ed, Josh, and I left Port au Prince for Carcasse at 2:00am on Friday morning the 7th of January.  The drive to Jeremie took a total of 12 hours with us stopping in Canpearin for 4 hours and in Ramp for 3 hours, driving a total of 5 ½ hours.  In Jeremie we had to repair two tires, washed the car, and got something to eat. 

We met with Father Scott early in the afternoon on the 7th while we ate and discussed our plan for the days ahead.  He was there to meet with the bishop and the priests of the Diocese. The meeting with Fr. Scott took about 5 hours and we left for Monfranc at 7:00pm where we picked up supplies for the Cholera Treatment Center in Carcasse.  We left at 8:10pm and arrived in Carcasse at 10:30pm.  We found that there were new patients in the Cholera Treatment Center and we stayed and treated these patients until 3:00am. 

On Saturday the 8th I worked at the Cholera Treatment Center from 6:00am till 11:00am along with Dr. Ed who joined me at 8:00am.  The two of us then went to the Hospital Irois to pick up IV catheters and returned around 1:00pm.  We met up with Josh after we returned and the three of us worked in the Cholera Treatment Center until 5:00pm.  Father Scott arrived in Carcasse at 6:00pm and we spent the remainder of the night in the rectory – once the patients had been stabilized. . 

The next morning, Sunday the 9th, we went to mass at 8:30 am at St. Joseph’s in Carcasse, but Dr. Ed, Josh and I had to leave slightly early in order to take care of a patient in need at the Cholera Treatment Center.  We worked there until 12:00pm after which I went to meet with the nurses to discuss the Treatment Center’s work schedule.  After Father Scott , Josh. Dr. Ed and I had a meeting and discussed our plan for the next couple of days. 

The truck needed its tire repaired which presented a problem because I would have to leave Dr. Ed and Josh in Carcasse without anyone to translate for them while I went to Jeremie.  We determined that despite this I would have to leave around 5:00pm and we all worked at the Center from 2:00pm until then.

I left at 5:00pm on the 10th as scheduled and went to Jeremie in order to prepare for Father Scotts departure for Port au Prince.  He had gone to Jeremie in the morning after mass to then go to Port au Prince. I slept for a short while and awoke at 12:00am and helped further prepare for Father Scott’s eventual departure at 3:00am with Fr. Verdieu, a priest of the Diocese who is our primary collaborator in Carcasse. 

Early Monday morning in Jeremie I set out to fix the truck’s wheel and the starter of our other car.  We have two of them – a Mitsubishi Monterro (1993) and a Toyota helix (1990). They are both used. They have serveed us well, but now are having very significant problems because of the very bad roads in Grand Anse.

Fixing the cars took a large portion of the day and I finished about 4:00pm at which time I left for Monfranc.  I picked up supplies at Monfranc and the Ewa Hospital and returned to Carcasse at 7:30pm.  I then worked the entire night at the Cholera Treatment Center and did not leave until 7:30am. After that I talked to Father Scott on Skype and finally at 10:00am I went to sleep and got some much deserved rest.  


I do not know about you, but I got tired just reading what Vickens did in these days. May the Lord bless him for his efforts.   May he have some time to rest. Fr. Scott


One thought on “Cholera 15 – Vickens is on the Move

  1. Dear Vickens,
    What an incredible young man you are. Josh has expressed his admiration for your work ethic and strong character. As his parents, we are especially grateful for your incredible driving skills! Praying for enough rest to keep you strong & healthy…God bless you.
    Lisa & Tom Kent, Josh’s parents

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