Cholera 16 – Calling All cars to the Scene of a Disaster

Part of my job as the project coordinator in Haiti is to make sure that those that I serve with are safe and that they have adequate materials and the conditions are appropriate for their ministry. That has become quite a challenge. 

As I mentioned in Cholera 14 I just returned from Grande Anse – remote Haiti. It was a very long trek – to and fro. Here is a little blurb I wrote to solicit some much needed vehicle(s). It will give you the reader some idea of what we face when we do relief work in remote Haiti. Calling all cars!   

Greetings from Haiti. I am a Catholic Priest, physician and the president of SOS Doctors, a US-based NGO that is responding to the earthquake, hurricane and cholera epidemic in Haiti. I was told to contact you by Msgr. Joseph Gontran Decoste, the Bishop of Jeremie. We are doing most of our relief work in his diocese in remote Grand Anse. We are traveling great distances on very,very difficult roads to help cholera patients whose number is increasing. We need very,very sturdy vehicle(s) to transport patients, staff and supplies. We have already almost destroyed two of our vehicles since we started responding here one month ago. And we have had 16 flat tires over the last 4 weeks! We have also helped in Artibonite/PaP.

Msgr. indicated he would write a letter of approbation for our request.

Please let me know how I should proceed to secure vehicle(s) as we/the people are in urgent need.

Thanks. Fr. Scott Binet, MD, MI [509-3858-4909 in Haiti)

The mission continues. Pray for us and those we are serving.

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