Cholera 18 – Josh reporting from the Field

SOS DRS and Cholera –   Cholera 1-18

Josh Kent, a university student from New York, who heard about the work of SOS DRS when I was making a fundraising appeal in Syracuse, New York last summer at St. Ann’s Parish, is our newest volunteer in Haiti.

Josh actually came primarily to teach English to Haitians and foreign volunteers and to integrate in to our community in Port au Prince. But because i wanted him to have a taste of the mission before beginning his work as an ESL teacher, i sent him to Grand Anse to help with the cholera work – almost immediately after his arrival. Josh went with our other new volunteer, Dr. Ed Glavey – a critical care surgeon from Florida. More about Dr. Ed later.

Josh has become an important part of the team  assisting Dr. Ed with cholera care; helping SO DRS maintain its inventory; sending reports from the field; helping with other logistics issues. And he has even shown a desire to learn Kreyol, something which makes me happy. It is a beautiful language, and Kreyol will come in handy as Josh plans to spend six months in Haiti, which will be a blessing for us and hopefully a grace-filled experience for Josh.

Here is a brief report and some pictures sent by Josh.

Father Scott, 

I updated the inventory document so we can better assess our needs here in Carcasse.  Vickens and Theresia left at about 2:00pm in order to go to Jeremie to pick up some items that we are in dire need of (IE: LR), and they should be back at some point tonight.  
We’ve been busy the past two days updating the Cholera Treatment Center.  We’ve assembled two of the tents that Theresia et al. brought from PaP.  We transferred all of our supplies into one of them as well as a couple of cots for sleeping.  The other tent is being used to house the sickest patients instead of the old tent that was being used. That has now been destroyed.  
There are currently 8 patients. I do not have exact ages but the youngest is 4; 3 are between 20-30; 3 are between 30-45′ the oldest is about 70.  I’ve attempted to upload pictures multiple times but they won’t attach. I’ll try again later.
I tried to send this yesterday but the internet went down despite there being power. Apparently the message or the pictures exceeded the bandwidth or something like that.  
We went to Hospital Ewa today, and we are planning on setting up our third tent there after the area where it is going to be is flattened.  

One thought on “Cholera 18 – Josh reporting from the Field

  1. Thank you for the work that SOSAdrs are involved with in Haiti. We appreciate any information you can give us about what it is like to live in Haiti. We continue to keep you in our prayers.

    From the First Communicants of St. Clement’s Parish.

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