Pakistan 17 – CTF bring the Good News of Health and Shelter in Kotri, Sindh, Pakistan

Mushtaq Anjum, MI

December 8, 2010, was a long but another fulfilling day. I was wearing my Camillian habit with red cross. It captured attention and surely many wondered what this red cross could mean… It was a silent witnessing. Slowly but gradually, so many including religious congregation are learning about our Congregation. Wherever, I go, I bring with my our vocation promotion material, stampitas, prayer for for the sick and 2011 Camillian Calendars.

We started our day with prayers for the success of our activities. With the help and collaboration of many people of good will we started our ministry of healing by conducting a medical camp in Khanpur, Kotri. Since it was a first day, we almost started 9:45AM amidst a town of tents, a town in which misery reigns; the children run without warm clothes, socks, sleeps/shoes; some are sick and others are getting sick because of this cold weather which knows no poor, miserable or destitute. It is the place where previously I had seen many sick children with infections, colds, and other skin diseases.

Most of the patients were females, children and old women.

At the end of the medical camp, 296

patients benefited from this activity.
Mostly the people complained about the quality of the medicines and attention given to them. Mostly, the flood victims in these tents said, they received no medicines.If ever they did, it was equal to none. But this time all were happy with the medicines. They appreciated our presence and healing ministry, though all of them were Muslims.

Aside from the doctor and nurses, we had some local volunteers and organizers who generously shared their times. The medical camp was closed at about 04:00 PM.

Simultaneously, in a different location, we also started the distribution of the roofing material among 26 families; The activity took place in the convent of the Franciscan Missionaries of Christ the King. The sisters were very much supportive.

All were happy to receive this gift. It was a witness of the love of God for the people who need much help. Some referred back to Gospel of Matthew 25 wherein Jesus speaks about the Last Judgment and mentions of his people who give Him shelter.

The distribution took place in the presence of Fr. Samson Shukirdin, OFM, Srs. Mariam Shingara, Venus Bachan, FMCK. The help of our collaborators from Caritas Hyderabad, Mr. Attashad Asgar, OFM parish volunteers and other collaborators was significant. Our appreciation goes for them. The Camillians express their gratitude to His Excellency Msgr. Max J. Rodrigues, Bishop of Hyderabad, for his support.