Cholera 19 – More from the Field, More than you probably want to Know


I’ll work on getting you those photos as soon as I can but for now I have an update of our situation here in Carcasse; today has been rather eventful. First off we are completely out of Ringers Lactate once again but we’ve found one of reasons why we have been going through it so quickly.
A number of our patients were lying about having cholera.  After some interrogations by Theresia today, we found that at least 3 of our 8 patients were lying about having diarrhea in order to stay in the CTC.  These patients were there for longer than the average patient and consistently complained of having diarrhea enough times a day that they needed an IV.
On top of this the place where they were dumping the diarrhea is now completely full and we need to dig a new one.  They are going to begin today but for the time being we need to come up with a solution of where we are going to be disposing of the diarrhea.  I suggested that for now they use a 5-gallon bucket with a chlorine solution in it and when it is full they can cap it.  Once the new hole has been built they can dump it into there.  
Unfortunately no one besides Dr. Ed seemed to take this suggestion seriously despite me attempting to explain how vitally important it is that we don’t dump it on the ground.  Because, as I’m sure you know if the feces infiltrates the ground water it has the potential to spread to a main water source.  Any suggestions on how make it clear that proper feces disposal is of the utmost importance?   

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