Pakistan 18 – Dec. 9 Medical Camp in Sindh

Dear Confreres,

St. Camillus makes way into far flung parts in Sindh

On Dec 9, 2010 the CTF conducted a medical camp in a far flung pocket of the Province. Though relatively near to the city, seldom people get proper medication. The public dispensary was located just right beside the location we held medical camp but seldom people as well as the medical practitioners see good and quality medicines. It will be of interest that the building was very badly damaged by the floods. And equally of interest is the fact that we conduct these medical camps right beside the Indus River which swelled and swallowed up all the fields and muddy houses.

The whole day was a feast for St. Camillus under whose banner 231 patients of which the majority were women and children took medication. It was rewarding to see those once withered and hopeless faces, wearing smiles after receiving medicines.  They were able see some hope after receving medication. now they must have felt the strength to face the challenges ahead.

e residents were all grateful for the generosity, love and care of the Camillians who came to them right in the time of dire need. They verbalized their appreication and welcomed the Camillians any time they would like to visit them. Also thanks to the donors who continuously helped realize these dreams into action. God bless. more power to come for the glory of God.

Bro. Mushtaq Anjum, MI
Ministers of the Infirm (CAMILLIANS)
Philippine Province

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