Pakistan 19 – Dec. 10 camp

Dear confreres,

Today, another day of witnessing how people hunger for health. On Dec 10, 2010, we held a medical camp in the school building, which was luckily  spared from the wrath of the River Indus. In a notice of short time, women and children flocked in the school. The health conditions, as compared to the people living in the tents, were not that bad. These people suffered not so much in skin diseases. Most of the complaints were those of fever, flu, cough, and pain. 240 patients took medication; they expressed their gratitude and appreciated the Camillian Fathers for such a wonder healing ministry.

In this area, I saw life returning to its normal pace; the fields were green and the crops were growing. They are glad to see their green fields which will soon give them food.


Bro. Mushtaq Anjum, MI
Ministers of the Infirm (CAMILLIANS)
Philippine Province


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