Earthquake Chile 41


Chile – Phase 1 of Project Humanization Earthquake in Chile comes to an end in December 2010.

Since February 27, 2010, the day of the earthquake, CTF Chile has served many victims with the support of CTF Central, SOS DRS and the Italian Episcopal Conference.  In conjunction with the Diocese of Linares, the Camillian Delegation in Chile, the two Camillian female congregations in Chile  (the Daughters of Saint Camillus and the Ministers of the Sick,) and  Misericordiae (Italy), we have provided the following benefits to the affected populations:

1.  Humanitarian Assistance to 5000 families in Parral:

  • Provided food, clothing, hygiene kits.
  • Paid for the construction of 11 houses;

2.  Pastoral Assistance:

  • Trained 30 counselors
  • Visited patients and staff at the hospitals in Parral and Cauquenes
  • Provided intense individual counseling to approximately 300 people.  Services were performed by counselors from the Center for Humanization in Madrid.

3.  Medical Assistance

  • Established mobile medical care  to include the delivery of medications and transportation of patients to the hospital
  • Provided 2 prefabricated modules:

1.  Parral: A pediatric facility with 20 beds MOL, an isolation room, and a neonatal section

2.  Cauquenes:  Provided hospital with an adult facility with some 20 beds

CTF Chile has provided these facilities to the hospitals in Parral and Cauquenes for a predetermined time period. Together, the two structures will provide for the care of 4,000 patients over the next year.

CTF-SOS DRS is looking to exand its efforts in Chile.  During my recent visit (Nov. 18-24, 2010,) I learned that a number of adults and children continue to suffer emotional trauma 9 months after the February earthquake.

CTF-SOS DRS will implement the following strategies on behalf of the traumatized population:

  • CTF-SOS DRS will conduct a scientific study to examine the psychological effects of the earthquake on the population.
  • CTF-SOS DRS will sponsor a pastoral formation program specific to the needs of the affected population

Please help us as we help those Chileans still traumatized by the earthquake


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