Volunteer – Haiti – All-Purpose Maintenance/Logistics Person

All-Purpose Maintenance Person – Factotum

Project Perpetual Help Haiti

Help significantly those affected by the earthquake and other disasters in  Haiti. Contribute to the development and implementation of Project Perpetual Help Haiti. Become a member of the newly established CTF-SOS DRS community in Port au Prince where we live, work and worship together.

Overview:  SOS DRS (SOS Doctors) is an international, Catholic, non-profit disaster relief organization based in the US (http://sosdrs.org/). It is presently serving in Haiti in the wake of the 2010 earthquake, cholera epidemic, and hurricane that devastated a country already experiencing chronic poverty. SOS DRS seeks an enthusiastic, well-qualified individual with experience in multiple areas related to constructing, repairing and maintaining structures. The person will work primarily in Port au Prince, Haiti.  If the person’s work is adequate, he may be considered for logistics work in responding to a disaster. 

The candidate must also desire to become a member of the newly established SOS DRS community where we live, work and worship together in an intentional community. The person should plan to arrive in Haiti no later than July 2011.

Skills Required: The organization seeks a person who is people-oriented, creative, flexible, hardworking, trustworthy, and a team player. Necessary is a knowledge/comfort with working on electrical systems, generators, inverters, motor vehicles (diesel engine), water pumps. Important also is the ability/willingness to perform maintenance services in the community. The ability to drive is a plus. A knowledge of French and/or the Creole language would be very helpful. Previous missionary experience is a plus. Good health is required. .

Reporting: The person will work under the supervision of the project coordinator, Fr. Scott Binet, or an appointed assistant. He/she must show a willingness to live the mission of CTF-SOS DRS.

Additional: An accepted candidate will have regular access to the internet and be provided with the necessary tools to do his/her work. Similarly, the candidate will have the opportunity to study Kreyol in an organized classroom setting and participate in other ministries associated with the project including visiting/helping the poor and sick in the setting of a camp for internally displaced people and in a hospital setting in collaboration with our neighbors, the Missionaries of Charity.

Specifics: An initial interview will be conducted by telephone or in person if possible. The applicant will be expected to submit a CV prior to the interview. Once accepted for the position, the applicant will undergo a brief period of orientation/preparation and then fly to Port au Prince, Haiti to reside in the community. Expenses related to travel and room and board will be covered by SOS DRS.  Personal expenses will be the responsibility of the volunteer.

For questions or to submit your CV/resume, please e-mail Fr. Scott at fatherscott@ctfmercy.org or call him on SKYPE – fr.scottbinet.


One thought on “Volunteer – Haiti – All-Purpose Maintenance/Logistics Person

  1. I personally appreciate the pioneers of this initiative. This is a concrete and practical way of reaching out.
    I wish all who are partners to this great initiative an Easter blessing and may God continue to help you all as you practically bring his kingdom to our brothers and sisters.
    I hope I can have an opportunity to become part of this great work of charity.
    God Bless you all.

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