World Mission Rosary Intentions: May 9 – May 22, 2011

 Servants of Saint Camillus Disaster Relief Services (SOS DRS)/Camillian Task Force (CTF)

“When the World Mission Rosary is completed, one has embraced all continents, all people in prayer.”

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Instructions for Praying World Mission Rosary English Spanish Italian

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General Rosary Intention: That the Lord in His Divine Mercy – through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary – may build up His Kingdom, make these mysteries a reality in our lives, strengthen us in our common mission, and come to the aid of those for whom we pray.

Africa (Green Beads)

Intention – That the Lord Jesus through the intercession of  Saint Charles Borromeo,  the Patron Saint against Intestinal Disorders, may come to the aid of those affected by Cholera in Cameroon. May the Lord help all those affected by man-made and natural disasters in Africa.

Disaster (Cholera) Map of Cameroon. Extract from Cholera crisis deepens in Cameroon,: “A DEADLY cholera outbreak in Cameroon could infect up to 10,000, warns children’s charity Plan International. Cases in the worst affected central region of the West African country rose by 50 per cent in just one week. Overstretched clinics have run out of beds, with weak patients treated on wooden benches. ‘It’s important that we deal with the immediate crisis – but also long-term needs,’ says Plan’s disaster response coordinator Dr Unni Krishnan. Nearly 4,600 cases have been reported nationwide, with 156 deaths. Health experts fear cases of the highly infectious waterborne disease may rise further with the start of the rainy season next month. Cases in the central region went from 1,001 to 1,564 in a week and now stand at 1,859, claiming 73 lives. ‘There is a sense of urgency with cholera,’ says Dr Krishnan. ‘After an earthquake, you can take years to clear rubble but with cholera it’s a race against time.’” See also: In Cameroon – Working with Rural Communities to Fight Cholera.

Saint Charles Borromeo (Patron Saint against Intestinal Disorders) (Feast Date: November 4)Extract from  St. Charles Borromeo: “Archbishop of Milan, Cardinal-Priest of the Title of St. Prassede, Papal Secretary of State under Pius IV, and one of the chief factors in the Catholic Counter-Reformation — was born in the Castle of Arona, a town on the southern shore of the Lago Maggiore in northern Italy, 2 October, 1538; died at Milan, 3 November, 1584. His emblem is the word humilitas crowned, which is a portion of the Borromeo shield. He is usually represented in art in his cardinal’s robes, barefoot, carrying the cross as archbishop; a rope round his neck, one hand raised in blessing, thus recalling his work during the plague.” PICTURE of Saint Charles Borromeo. See more articles, pictures and videos about St. Charles Borromeo:November 4 – Saint Charles Borromeo (Multilingual). Novena to Saint Charles Borromeo.

Oceania (Blue Beads)

Intention – That the Lord Jesus through the intercession of  Saint Agrippina,  the Patron Saint against Storms, may come to the aid of those affected by the Tornado of May 3 in Auckland, New Zealand. May the Lord help all those affected by man-made and natural disasters in Oceania.

Disaster (Tornado) Map of New Zealand Extract from New Zealand tornado kills 1 person: “A tornado ripped across part of New Zealand’s largest city on Tuesday, upturning cars and sending debris slicing through the air, witnesses and news reports said. At least one person was killed and about 20 injured, a hospital official said. The swirling dark-grey column of air and cloud cut a five-kilometre path across the Auckland suburb of Albany at mid afternoon, tearing off roofing iron, flattening trees and tossing vehicles around, police and witnesses said. ‘There were kids in a car which turned upside down and they had to get help,’ said Hamish Blair, whose golf supplies store was in the hardest-hit area. ‘There’s probably six or seven seriously damaged cars, and I saw cars flying off the ground about 30 metres in the air.’” Galleries: Tornado hits Auckland. Videos:  Raw Tornado Video from New Zealand, Deadly New Zealand tornado kills one, New Zealand’s Largest City Hit by Tornado, Three killed as tornado hits Auckland, Tornado rips through New Zealand city of Auckland.

Saint Agrippina (Patron Saint against Storms) (Feast Date: June 23) Extract from Saint Agrippina, martyr: “The Church liturgically commemorates the feast of Saint Agrippina, a Roman martyr who lived at the time of Emperor Valerian (153-259). Not called to be married to a believer or unbeliever but called to fully dedicate her life to Christ, Agrippina confessed in public her faith in Christ as Savior for which she was tortured. After being beatened, tradition says, she was chained by the government yet released by an angel. She died from her torture. Initially, Saint Agrippina was buried in Sicily by three Christian women: Bassa, Paula and Agathonice; her relics were later transfered to Constantinople.” PICTURE of Saint Agripinna.  See also: Agrippina of Mineo (Multilingual), Agrippina (EN), St. Agripinna (EN), Santa Agripina, virgen y mártir (-262) (SP), Santa Agrippina Vergine e martire (IT), Agrippine de Rome (FR). VIDEO:  Our PRAYER to St. Agrippina.

Europe (White Beads)

Intention – That the Lord Jesus through the intercession of  St. Teresa of Avila,  the Patron Saint of Spain, may come to the aid of those affected by unemployment and poverty in that country. May the Lord help all those affected by man-made and natural disasters in Europe.

Disaster (Economic Crisis – Unemployment, Poverty) Map of Spain Extract from Spain’s jobless rate tops 21% as all major sectors lose jobs: “Spain’s unemployment rate rose nearly a point to 21.29%, with 4.9 million jobless for the first quarter of 2011, the government reported Friday, as the prolonged economic crisis continues to squeeze the nation. Some analysts had predicted the number of jobless might surpass 5 million. But while that didn’t happen, the latest statistics were another blow to the economy and to the embattled socialist government. . . . Earlier this month, embattled Socialist Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero announced he would not seek a third term. Elections are due by March 2012. . . . In announcing his decision on April 2 to Socialist Party leaders, Zapatero said, ‘We have made mistakes.’” See also: Spain prices, unemployment soar; retail sales sink, Poverty bites Spain, Spain – Poverty and wealth, Judge orders 25-year-old man to leave home and find job. VIDEOS: Spain’s unemployment reaches 14 year high, Spain’s Youth Unemployment Rate Exceeds Egypt, Tunisia.

Saint Teresa of Avila (Patron Saint of Spain) (Feast Dates: October 15, August 27 [Transverberation of her Heart]) Extract from St. Teresa of Avila:The gift of God to Teresa in and through which she became holy and left her mark on the Church and the world is threefold: She was a woman; she was a contemplative; she was an active reformer. As a woman, Teresa stood on her own two feet, even in the man’s world of her time. She was “her own woman,” entering the Carmelites despite strong opposition from her father. She is a person wrapped not so much in silence as in mystery. Beautiful, talented, outgoing, adaptable, affectionate, courageous, enthusiastic, she was totally human. Like Jesus, she was a mystery of paradoxes: wise, yet practical; intelligent, yet much in tune with her experience; a mystic, yet an energetic reformer. A holy woman, a womanly woman. Teresa was a woman “for God,” a woman of prayer, discipline and compassion. Her heart belonged to God. Her ongoing conversion was an arduous lifelong struggle, involving ongoing purification and suffering. She was misunderstood, misjudged, opposed in her efforts at reform. Yet she struggled on, courageous and faithful; she struggled with her own mediocrity, her illness, her opposition. And in the midst of all this she clung to God in life and in prayer. Her writings on prayer and contemplation are drawn from her experience: powerful, practical and graceful. A woman of prayer; a woman for God.” See PICTURE of Saint Teresa of AvilaSee also: Teresa of Ávila (Multilingual), Teresa of Avila (EN), St. Teresa of Avila (EN), Santa Teresa de Jesús(SP), Santa Teresa di Gesù (d’Avila) Vergine e Dottore della Chiesa (IT) Ste Thérèse d’Avila, vierge et Docteur de l’Église (1515-1582 (FR), Swieta Teresa z Avila (PO). VIDEOS : Saint Teresa of Avila Autobiography, St. Teresa of Avila, Saint Teresa of Avila Oct 15,SAINTS SPEAK: St. Teresa of Avila (Holy Repentance), santa Teresa de Jesus y La Eucaristía, Santa Teresa d’Avila- prima parte, Ste Thérèse d’Avila et Jésus.Saint Teresa of Avila Quotes,PRAYER to Saint Teresa of Avila.


America (Red Beads)                                        

Intention – That the Lord Jesus through the intercession of  Saint Mary, Our Lady of Prompt Succor,  the Patron Saint of Louisiana, may come to the aid of those affected by Tornados in that state and elsewhere in the United States.  May the Lord help all those affected by man-made and natural disasters in America.

Disaster (Tornados) (April 26 – 28, 2011) Map of United States Extract from Tornado destruction and deaths stun the South: “A historic tornado outbreak battered six Southern states, swooping like a deadly scythe from Mississippi to New York, killing hundreds, injuring many more, flattening neighborhoods and forcing the closure of a nuclear power plant in Alabama, the hardest-hit state. Search and rescue teams combed through the matchstick remains of homes and businesses in several states Thursday looking for survivors or bodies as residents grappled with grief and the struggle for food, water and shelter. It is believed to be the deadliest U.S. tornado toll in 37 years. . . . Photo gallery: Swaths of the South in ruins ‘We do expect that number to rise,’ Alabama Gov. Robert J. Bentley said. ‘This may be the worst natural disaster in Alabama’s history.’”  See also:  US tornadoes toll rises over 350, thousands homeless,In Mississippi: After the Killer Tornado, An Abiding Faith, April 2011 tornado information, F/EF5: The Most Violent Tornadoes. VIDEOS: Deadly storms hit Alabama, Welcome to TornadoVideos.Net. Incredible Tucaloosa Tornado, Tornado Recovery: “Difficult, Painful.

Saint Mary, Our Lady of Prompt Succor (Patron Saint of Louisiana) (Feast Date: August 21) Extract from Our Lady of Prompt Succor: “Many miracles have been attributed to the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary under the title of Our Lady of Prompt Succor. Two historical events are especially associated with the Virgin. The first occurred during the eruption of a great fire in New Orleans devastating the Vieux Carré. The Ursuline convent was facing imminent destruction as the winds blew the terrible fire toward Jackson Square. An order was given to evacuate the convent, however at that moment, a nun named Sr. Anthony placed a small statue of Our Lady of Prompt Succor on a window seat and Mother St. Michel began to pray aloud, “Our Lady of Prompt Succor, we are lost unless you hasten to our aid!” Immediately, the wind shifted direction, blowing the flames away from the convent allowing for the fire to be extinguished. The Ursuline convent was one of the few buildings spared from destruction. Upon seeing the inexplicable occurrence, witnesses unanimously cried out, “Our Lady of Prompt Succor has saved us!” See also: Our Lady of Prompt Succor (Multilingual),  Our Lady of Prompt Succor (EN), Our Lady of Prompt Succor,(EN) Our Lady of Prompt Succor for Hurricane Protection, Our Lady of Prompt Succor: Patroness of New Orleans, Our Lady of Prompt Succor January 8 Patroness of Louisiana and the City of New Orleans (EN) , NUESTRA SEÑORA DEL PRONTO SOCORRO, LOUSIANA, ESTADOS UNIDOS ( 8 DE ENERO) (SP),  See PICTURE of Our Lay of Prompt Succor.  Our Lay of Prompt Succor NOVENA. Prière à Notre-Dame de Bon-Secour.

Asia (Yellow Beads)

Intention – That the Lord Jesus through the intercession of Saint Sergius the Martyr, the Patron Saint of Syria, may come to the aid of those affected by violent protests in that country. May the Lord help all those affected by man-made and natural disasters in Asia.

Disaster (Violent Protests) Map of Syria Extract from More than 40 dead in protests as violence erupts across Syria: “Violence swept across Syria on Friday, with at least 43 people reported killed in another bloody day of confrontation between government forces and demonstrators calling for political change. Reliable numbers were difficult to come by. CNN bases its figures on reports from witnesses. Amnesty International, citing local human rights activists, reported that at least 75 people were killed in Friday’s protests. The Syrian government does not permit CNN to report from inside the country. The killings occurred in several flashpoint regions as thousands of Syrian protesters defiantly marched after Muslims’ weekly prayers in a display of mass discontent toward the government.”  See also: ‘Scores die’ in Syrian protests, Syrian Protests Spread Amid Widespread Detentions. VIDEOS:  Friday of Rage erupts in Violence in Syria, Syria crackdown draws criticism, Syrian anti-government protests spread north.

Saint Sergius the Martyr (Patron Saint of Syria (Feast Date: October 7) Extract from Sts. Sergius & Bacchus: “This legend has Sergius an officer in the Roman army and Bacchus, an officer under him, and both were friends of Emperor Maximian. When they did not enter a temple of Jupiter with the Emperor, he ordered them to do so. When they further refused his order that they sacrifice to pagan gods, they were humiliated by being led through the streets of Arabissus in women’s garb and then sent to Rosafa, Mesopotamia, where they were scourged so terribly that Bacchus died of the scourging; Sergius was then tortured further and beheaded.” See also: Sergius and Bacchus (Multilingual), Sergius and Bacchus (EN), Saint Sergius the Martyr (EN), Sergio y Baco, Santos (SP), Santi Sergio e Bacco Martiri in Siria (IT), Saint Serge (FR), Święci męczennicy Sergiusz i Bachus (PO). NOVENA TO SAINT SERGIUS AND SAINT BACCHUS.


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