World Mission Rosary – Patron Saints Calendar – August 2011 – List

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August 1      St. Alphonsus Liguore

August 4      St. John Vianney, Patron Saint of Parish Priests, who visited the Diocese of Christchurch, New Zealand

August 5      St. Emygdius, Patron Saint against Earthquakes

August 5      Our Lady of Altotting, Patron Saint of Germany

August 5      Our Lady of the Snows

August 6      The Transfiguration of the Lord

August 7      St. Cajetan, Patron Saint of the Unemployed

August 8      St. Mary MacKillop, Patron Saint of the Needy

August 8      St. Dominic

August 10    St. Lawrence, Patron Saint against Fire

August 11    St. Clare of Assisi, Patron Saint for Good Weather

August 11    St. Philomena, Patron Saint of Prisoners

August 14    St. Maximilian Kolbe,  Patron Saint of Families and against Drug Addiction

August 15    St. Mary, Our Lady of Madhu, Patron Saint of Sri Lanka

August 15    Our Lady of the Assumption, Patron Saint of South Africa

August 16    St. Roche, Patron Saint against Cholera and Contagious Diseases

August 16    Bl. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Patron Saint of Mexico

August 20    St. Bernard

August 21    Bl. Ladislaus Findysz, Patron Saint of Refugees

August 21    St. Mary, Or Lady of Knock, Patron Saint of Ireland

August 22    The Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary

August 23    St. Rose of Lima, Patron Saint of the Philippines

August 26    St. Mary, Our Lady of Czestochowa, Patron Saint of Poland

August 27    St. Mary, Our Lady Health of the Sick

August 27    St. Monica

August 28    St. Moses the Black, Patron Saint of Africa

August 29    The Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist

August 30    St. Rose of Lima, Patron Saint of the Philippines

August 31    St. Raymond Nonnatus, Patron Saint of Children

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