World Mission Rosary Intentions: September 12 -September 25, 2011

World Mission Rosary Intentions

September 12 -September 25, 2011

Servants of Saint Camillus Disaster Relief Services (SOS DRS)/Camillian Task Force (CTF)

“When the World Mission Rosary is completed, one has embraced all continents, all people in prayer.”

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Instructions for Praying World Mission Rosary English Spanish Italian

World Mission Rosary Intentions: Kreyol Version

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General Rosary Intention: That the Lord in His Divine Mercy – through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary – may build up His Kingdom, make these mysteries a reality in our lives, strengthen us in our common mission, and come to the aid of those for whom we pray.

Africa (Green Beads)

Intention – That the Lord Jesus through the intercession of St. Guido of Acqui,  the Patron Saint against Famine, may come to the aid of those affected by the spreading famine in Somalia.  May the Lord help all those affected by man-made and natural disasters in Africa.

Disaster (Spreading Famine) Map of Somalia. Extract from  U.N.: 750,000 people in Somalia face ‘imminent starvation’: “A record 4 million people in Somalia need humanitarian aid and 750,000 people are in danger of “imminent starvation,” the United Nations said on Monday. Famine in the African nation has spread to the Bay region, which is now the sixth area in Somalia suffering from an acute shortage of food, according to the the U.N.’s Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU) and the Famine Early Warning Systems Network.Officials are calling for a surge in response efforts as the crisis is predicted to get worse. . . . Of the 4 million people in need of emergency aid, 3 million are in the south. That figure is up from 2.4 million eight months ago. Tens of thousands of people have already died, more than half of whom are children, according to the FSNAU, which is managed by the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).” See also: CTF/SOS DRS Response: THE MISSION HAS JUST BEGUN – Horn of Africa, SOMALIA: Insurgents divert famine IDPs from aid, Somalia Famine & Drought Situation Report No. 12, 6 Sep 2011, Famine turns to health crisis in Mogadishu. VIDEOS: Somalis seek refuge in Puntland, Somalis seek refuge in Puntland.

Blessed Guido of Acqui (Patron Saint against Famine) (Feast Dates: June 2, 2nd Sunday in July [in Acqui Terme, Italy], July 8 [diocese of Acqui, Italy]) Extract from: Guido of Acqui (Multilingual): “Bishop of Acqui (now Acqui Terme) in north-west Italy from 1034 until his death. He was born around 1004 to a noble family of the area of Acqui, the Counts of Acquesana, in Melazzo where the family’s wealth was concentrated. He completed his education, by now an orphan, in Bologna. Elected bishop of Acqui in March 1034, his career was marked by reform in the areas of liturgy, spirituality and morality. He was generous in donating his own money and possessions to the diocese, in part to remove the economic pressure which had led to widespread corruption, and in part to support new projects. The latter included the promotion of the education of young women and the foundation of the nunnery of Santa Maria De Campis. Under his government, too, Acqui Cathedral was erected, dedicated to the Madonna Assunta and consecrated on 13 November 1067.” See PICTURE of Saint Guido. See also June 2, July 8 – Saint Guido of Acqui: Patron Saint against Famine.

Oceania (Blue Beads)

Intention – That the Lord Jesus through the intercession of  St. Amatus of Nusco,  the Patron Saint against Earthquakes, may come to the aid of those affected by the recent earthquake in Indonesia.  May the Lord help all those affected by man-made and natural disasters in Oceania.
Disaster (Earthquake) (September 6, 2011)Map of Indonesia Extract from Strong quake rocks Indonesia’s Sumatra: “A powerful earthquake has jolted the western Indonesian island of Sumatra, killing at least three people and sending others streaming from houses, hotels and at least one hospital. The magnitude-6.6 earthquake struck early on Tuesday morning, 100km southwest of the city of Medan and 110km beneath the earth’s crust, according to the US Geological Survey. It was too far inland to generate a tsunami. The earthquake hit at about 1800 GMT, waking people from their sleep in towns and villages across the island’s northern tip. Two people – an 11-year-old boy and a 26-year-old mother – were killed by falling debris, and the cause of death of a 60-year-old man was not immediately available. About 50 houses, along with a number of mosques, churches and hospitals, were damaged by the earthquake, and more than 250 shops and kiosks caught fire, due to power problems, the disaster agency said. Hundreds of people were evacuated to temporary shelters as authorities surveyed the extent of the damage, said Lieutenant Colonel Helmy Kesuma, police chief in the hard-hit town of Singkil. Some electricity poles were knocked down there, crashing into homes and causing blackouts. ‘My wife was screaming, my children crying,” said Burhan Mardiansyah, 37, a Singkil resident. “We saw our walls start to crack and everything inside the house was falling. Thank God we’re all safe.’”See slso: Strong earthquake rattles Indonesia, Indonesia Earthquake 2011: At Least Three People Killed. VIDEOS: Raw Video: Indonesia Earthquake Damage, Very strong (deep) earthquake below Sumatra, Indonesia.

Saint Amatus of Nusco (Patron Saint against Earthquakes (Feast Date: September 30)Extract from Amatus of Nusco: “Born to a wealthy family. First bishop of Nusco, Italy in 1048. He restored and built churches, and helped found the Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria in nearby Fondigliano, Italy, a house that lasted 400 years.” See picture of St. Amatus of Nusco.See also: September 30 – Saint Amatus of Nusco: Patron Saint against Earthquakes.

Europe (White Beads)

Intention – That the Lord Jesus through the intercession of  St. Brigid of Ireland,  the Patron Saint of Travellers, may come to the aid of the members of the hockey team Lokomotiv killed in the recent plane crash in Russia. May the Lord help all those affected by man-made and natural disasters in Europe.
Disaster (Air Crash) (September 7, 2010)Map of European Russia Extract from Russia’s Lokomotiv ice hockey team in air disaster: “A chartered jet carrying Russia’s major league ice hockey team Lokomotiv has crashed on take-off near the central city of Yaroslavl, with 43 deaths. Two people survived with serious injuries after the disaster, which saw the jet burst into flames shortly after leaving an airport near the city. It appears many of the team were aboard, heading to Belarus for the season’s first match. Russian reports suggest the Yak-42 plane may have struck a radio mast. Witnesses saw it burst into flames shortly after taking off from the Tunoshna airport, about 250km (160 miles) north-east of Moscow. . .” See also:Dozens killed as Russian plane carrying hockey team crashes. Video: Russian plane carrying top hockey team crashes, Russian Plane Crahses, Dozens Killed.

Saint Brigid of Ireland (Patron Saint of Travellers) (Feast Dates: February 1, June 10 [translation of relics]) Extract from St. Brigid of Ireland: “Brigidis often called the Mary of the Gael. At about 453 AD, a child was born out of wedlock between Dubhtach and one of his Christian slaves named Brocessa. The slave girl was sent to a cabin at the foot of the Cooley Mountains near Dundalk, Co Louth, to have the child. The baby was a healthy girl, which was no great joy to Dubhtach who wanted a son. The mother was sold to a Chieftain in Connaught, and the child was given to a Druid to be raised and educated. In keeping with the life planned for her, she became a vestal virgin in service to the Goddess Brid, and eventually high priestess at the Kil Dara (the temple of the oak), a pagan sanctuary built from the wood of a tree sacred to the Druids. There she and her companions kept a perpetual ritual fire, in honor of Brid. The exact circumstance of her conversion to Christianity are unknown, though it is certain that her Christian mother was a guiding influence. Brigid changed the pagan sanctuary of Kil Dara into a Christian shrine, which gave its name to the present County Kildare. She extinguished the ritual fire of the Druids, and lit a flame dedicated to Christ.” See picture of St. Brigid of Ireland. See also: February 1, June 10: Saint Brigid of Ireland: Patron Saint of Travellers, Some Catholic Prayers to Saint Brigid.

America (Red Beads)                                 

Intention – That the Lord Jesus through the intercession of  St. Mary, Our Lady of Fatima,  the Patron Saint of New Jersey, may come to the aid of those affected by Hurricane Irene in New Jersey and elsewhere in the eastern United States.  May the Lord help all those affected by man-made and natural disasters in America.
Disaster (Hurricane Irene) (August, 2011)Map of United States Extract from Post-Irene cleanup progresses, slowly: “Eastern states took slow but steady steps toward normalcy Wednesday, coping amid rescue and cleanup efforts after Hurricane Irene turned parts of the rural Northeast into flooded disaster areas. Officials in Vermont continued to airlift supplies — including food, water, medicine and diapers — to people cut off  by flooded streams and rivers. But roads across the state were open to emergency vehicles, a step up from Tuesday when at least 13 communities were isolated, according to the Vermont Emergency Operations Center. Vermont’s situation was perhaps the most complicated in the wake of Irene, which reached the United States on Saturday as a Category 1 hurricane and moved up the East Coast into New England as a tropical storm. During its northern trek, Irene dumped about a foot of rain on some areas, pushing rivers to record flood levels in at least 10 states, including New York, New Jersey and Vermont, according to the U.S. Geological Service website. At least 44 deaths have been reported in 13 states and more than 1.5 million people remained without electricity Wednesday. Damage was expected to total in the tens of billions of dollars. Extensive flooding also caused major damage in upstate New York and in New Jersey, visited by federal emergency officials Wednesday.” See also: Obama to visit N.J. to view Irene damage; death toll at 45, Irene Leaves Vt. Homeowners Stranded, Videos: President Obama is headed to Paterson to see the damage in the disaster area, First-hand account of Irene’s wrath.
Saint Mary, Our Lady of Fatima (Patron Saint of New Jersey) (Feast Date: May 13) Extract from Dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima:“On May 13, 1917, in Portugal, Our Lady of Fatima appeared to three children in a place called Cova da Iria. It was at noon, and the children were shepherding sheep. Suddenly there was lightening, and the children, thinking that it was going to rain, began to run. Then, just above a holm oak tree, they saw a beautiful lady made of light, holding a rosary in her hand. Our Lady of Fatima spoke to the children and told them not to be afraid. ‘I come from Heaven,’ she said. The oldest of the children was Lucía who was ten years old. She asked Our Lady of Fatima, “Will I go to Heaven?” ‘Yes,’ Our Lady of Fatima answered. ‘And Jacinta,’ who was her seven-year-old cousin, ‘Will she go to heaven too?’ ‘Yes,’ answered Our Lady of Fatima. ‘And Francisco,’ the brother of Jacinta who was nine years old, ‘Will he go to Heaven?’ ‘Yes,’ answered Our Lady of Fatima, ‘but he will have to say many rosaries.’” See PICTURE of Our Lady of Fatima. See also: May 13 – Saint Mary, Our Lady of Fatima, Patron Saint of New Jersey, PRAYERS to Our Lady of Fatima.

Asia (Yellow Beads)

Intention – That the Lord Jesus through the intercession of  St. Agatha,  the Patron Saint against Natural Disasters, may come to the aid of those affected by the floods in Pakistan.  May the Lord help all those affected by man-made and natural disasters in Asia.
Disaster (Flooding) Map of PakistanExtract from Pakistan flood-hit districts declared ‘calamity area’: “The Pakistani province of Sindh has declared five flood-hit districts to be ‘calamity areas’ – short of food, housing and medical supplies. Officials say that at least five million people have been affected by floods across the country, with thousands forced to vacate their homes. Thousands of rice, cotton and sugar cane crops have been destroyed. Heavy rainfall is continuing on Tuesday. . . . BBC’s Hafeez Chachar in Islamabad recently visited Sakrand and Ghotki and says that the situation in these areas is increasingly desperate, with displaced people searching for somewhere to camp on higher ground and shortages of food and medical supplies becoming ever more apparent. Our correspondent says that while the flooding so far has only seriously affected five out of 22 districts in Sindh, for those caught up in the flooding the situation is ominously comparable to the floods of 2010, which destroyed more than 1.5 million homes across Pakistan and cost an estimated $10bn in direct and indirect losses. ‘Floods triggered by heavy rains have killed 132 people and affected four to five million people,’ National Disaster Management Authority head Zafar Qadir said on Monday. He said that most of those killed died as a result of falling roofs, drowning and water-borne diseases. An unknown number of women and children are among the victims.” See also: PAKISTAN: Two million hit by floods in Sindh Province, Dozens Dead, 4 Million Forced to Flee From Flooding in Pakistan Province. VIDEO:Pakistan floods kill scores.
Saint Agatha (Patron Saint against Natural Disasters ) (Feast Date: February 5) Extract from St. Agatha: “In the legend of her life, we are told that she belonged to a rich, important family. When she was young, she dedicated her life to God and resisted any men who wanted to marry her or have sex with her. One of these men, Quintian, was of a high enough rank that he felt he could force her to acquiesce. Knowing she was a Christian in a time of persecution, he had her arrested and brought before the judge – – himself. He expected her to give in to when faced with torture and possible death, but she simply affirmed her belief in God by praying: “Jesus Christ, Lord of all, you see my heart, you know my desires. Possess all that I am. I am your sheep: make me worthy to overcome the devil.” Legend tells us that Quintian imprisoned her in a brothel in order to get her to change her mind. Quintian brought her back before him after she had suffered a month of assault and humiliation in the brothel, but Agatha had never wavered, proclaiming that her freedom came from Jesus. Quintian sent her to prison, instead of back to the brothel — a move intended to make her more afraid, but which probably was a great relief to her. When she continued to profess her faith in Jesus, Quintian had her tortured. He refused her any medical care but God gave her all the care she needed in the form of a vision of St. Peter.” See Saint Agatha of Sicily Gallery:See also: February 5 – Saint Agatha of Sicily: Patron Saint against Fires, Volcanic Eruptions.


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