World Mission Rosary Intentions: September 26 – October 9, 2011

World Mission Rosary Intentions

September 26 – October 9, 2011

Servants of Saint Camillus Disaster Relief Services (SOS DRS)/Camillian Task Force (CTF)

“When the World Mission Rosary is completed, one has embraced all continents, all people in prayer.”

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Instructions for Praying World Mission Rosary English Spanish Italian

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General Rosary Intention: That the Lord in His Divine Mercy – through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary – may build up His Kingdom, make these mysteries a reality in our lives, strengthen us in our common mission, and come to the aid of those for whom we pray.

Africa (Green Beads)

Intention – That the Lord Jesus through the intercession of St. Moses the Black,  the Patron Saint of Africa, may come to the aid of those affected by the pipeline explosion in Kenya.  May the Lord help all those affected by man-made and natural disasters in Africa.

Disaster (Pipeline Explosion) Map of Kenya. (September 12, 2011) Extract from Scores dead in Kenyan pipeline inferno:  As many as 100 people are feared dead in a fire caused by a leaking fuel pipeline in a densely populated area of Nairobi, the Kenyan capital, according to police. The explosion took place on Monday in the Lunga Lunga industrial area, which is surrounded by a sprawling urban slum. Flames leapt out from the pipeline in a radius of some 300 meters, setting shacks ablaze and incinerating scores of people, the Associated Press reported. Reporters later saw clusters of charred bodies and blackened bones at the site. Some burned bodies floated in a nearby river filled with sewage, according to the AP. Homes had been built right up to the pipeline, the residents said. ‘We are putting the number of dead at over 100, we are waiting for body bags to put the victims into,’ said Thomas Atuti, a local police commander. ‘There had been a leak in the fuel pipeline earlier, and people were going to collect the fuel that was coming out,’ said Joseph Mwego, a resident. ‘Then there was a loud bang, a big explosion, and smoke and fire burst up high.’ Francis Muendo, another resident, told the AFP news agency: ‘I have never seen this in my life. I have seen women and children burnt like firewood. The very worst was a woman burned with her baby on her back.’ See also:  Death toll rises to 96 in Kenya pipeline blast. VIDEO: Kenya fire: Nairobi pipeline blaze ‘kills at least 75’.
Saint Moses the Black (Patron Saint of Africa) (Feast Date: August 28) Extract from Life of St. Moses the Black: “One of the more exciting of the early monks in the period of desert Christian monasticism was a Black African (Nubian) now honored as St. Moses the Black. The Lausiac History of Palladius is the main historical source for his life. There is also an account found in the “Bibliotheca Sanctorum” by J. W. Sauget, and approximately 49 apophthegmata found in “The Desert Christian” by Sr. Benedicta Ward. The life of Moses is well documented. He had been a slave of a government official in Egypt who discharged him for theft and suspected murder. He became the leader of a gang of bandits who roamed the Nile Valley and had the reputation for being associated with terror and violence. Moses was a large and imposing figure; he became rather notorious for his escapades. . . . On one occasion, when he sought to hide from local authorities, he took shelter with some monks in a monastic colony in Skete in the western desert near Alexandria. The dedication of their lives and their peace and contentment seem to have influenced him deeply. Eventually, he gave up his old way of life and became a monk himself. The conversion of Moses was not instantaneous, he had a rather difficult time adjusting to regular monastic discipline. His flair for adventure remained with him. Once, while living in a small cell, he was attacked by four robbers. Much to their surprise, Moses fought and overpowered them, tied them together and dragged them to the chapel where the other monks were praying. He dumped the crew in front of the other monks and exclaimed that he did not think it ‘Christian’ to hurt the intruders. He asked what he should do with them. According to tradition, the overwhelmed robbers repented, were converted, and themselves became monks under the influence of Moses.”  See PICTURES of Saint Moses the Black.  See also: August 28 – Saint Moses the Black: Patron Saint of Africa (Multilingual), Moses the Black (Multilingual),Moses the Black (EN).

Oceania (Blue Beads)

Intention – That the Lord Jesus through the intercession of  Saint Gemma Galgani,  the Patron Saint against Tuberculosis, may come to the aid of those affected by tuberculosis in Papua New Guinea.  May the Lord help all those affected by man-made and natural disasters in Oceania.
Disaster (Tuberculosis) Map of Papua New Guinea Extract from Dying on Australia’s doorstep: “In A row boat at low tide, the distance between one of the best health systems in the world and one of the worst can be easily travelled in less than 15 minutes. So it is not surprising that over the past decade some 200 people sick with tuberculosis have been bundled into boats by their families and ferried across this frontier, the narrow band of water separating Papua New Guinea (a nation ranked 137 out of 162 in the UN World Development Index) and islands that are outlying territories of Australia (ranked No. 2). After being examined at the islands’ TB clinics, about one-quarter of the sick have been found to be infected with multi-drug-resistant TB (MDR-TB), a dreaded modern manifestation of a disease that still ranks among humanity’s greatest killers. From the Torres Strait islands of Saibai and Boigu, the sickest are then flown to hospitals in Cairns, Queensland, where access to powerful second-line drugs and intensive treatments mean the difference between life and death, or life and profound disability.” See also: Papua New Guinea, drug-resistant tuberculosis and Australia.
Saint Gemma Galgani (Patron Saint against Tuberculosis) (Feast Date: April 11) Extract from I love You Jesus! St Gemma’s love for God : “In ecstasy Gemma says: “…… Oh love, oh infinite love! … See: Your love, oh Lord, Your love penetrates even to my body, with too much fury. When, when will I unite with You, oh Lord, Who with such force of love keeps me in union here on earth? … Do it, do it! … Let me die, and die of love! …..What a beautiful death, oh Lord, to die a victim of love ……a victim for You! Calm down, calm down oh Jesus; if not, Your love will end up burning me to ashes! … Oh love, oh infinite love! …..Oh love of my Jesus! ….Let Your love penetrate my all; from You I want nothing else. My God, my God, I love You!” See PICTURE of Saint Gemma Galgani. See also:Gemma Galgani(Multilingual), April 11 – St. Gemma Galgani: Patron Saint Against Tuberculosis (Multilingual), VIDEO: St. Gemma Galgani: The Passion Flower. Novena to St. Gemma Galgani.

Europe (White Beads)

Intention – That the Lord Jesus through the intercession of Saint Luke, the Patron Saint of Physicians, may come to the aid of those slaves recently discovered in Bedfordshire, England.  May the Lord help all those affected by man-made and natural disasters in Europe.
Disaster (Slavery) Map of England Extract from ‘Our family hell’: Couple tell how their homeless son became a ‘slave’ to criminal traveller gang:  “A family have spoken of their devastation at the ‘enslavement’ of their son by a criminal gang of Irish travellers. The former Home Counties university graduate was trapped into working for them with bogus promises of food and shelter after becoming homeless. But he spent his days being transported up and down the country tarmacking and was paid nothing while doing door-to-door sales as part of the gang’s driveway scams. He survived on chips and bread and slept in grim conditions on mattresses and bunk beds before finally escaping the gang’s clutches after a four-week nightmare. His story emerged today in the week police uncovered an alleged slavery ring which held 24 captives in appalling conditions at a camp in Little Billington, near Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire. Five travellers – four men and woman – were arrested and charged with offences under anti-slavery legislation introduced last year. The vulnerable victims had been lured from soup kitchens, benefit offices and hostels with promises of paid jobs and shelter.” VIDEOS:UK police say they rescue 24 ‘slavery’ victims, arrest 5 suspects, Slaves discovered living in filthy conditions in Bedfordshire.
Saint Luke (Patron Saint of Physicians) (Feast Date: October 18) Extract from Saint Luke: “In our day, it would be easy to assume that someone who was a doctor was rich, but scholars have argued that Luke might have been born a slave. It was not uncommon for families to educate slaves in medicine so that they would have a resident family physician. Not only do we have Paul’s word, but Eusebius, Saint Jerome, Saint Irenaeus and Caius, a second-century writer, all refer to Luke as a physician. . . . Luke’s unique perspective on Jesus can be seen in the six miracles and eighteen parables not found in the other gospels. Luke’s is the gospel of the poor and of social justice. He is the one who tells the story of Lazarus and the Rich Man who ignored him. Luke is the one who uses “Blessed are the poor” instead of “Blessed are the poor in spirit” in the beatitudes. Only in Luke’s gospel do we hear Mary’s Magnificat where she proclaims that God ‘has brought down the powerful from their thrones, and lifted up the lowly; he has filled the hungry with good things, and sent the rich away empty’ (Luke 1:52-53).” See PICTURE: St Luke Painting the Virgin. See also: October 18 – Saint Luke, Slave, Patron Saint of Physicians (Multilingual). VIDEOS: Saint Luke Oct 18, St. Luke. St. Luke PRAYER.

America (Red Beads)              

Intention – That the Lord Jesus through the intercession of  Saint Mary, Our Lady of Loreto,  the Patron Saint of Aviation, may come to the aid of those affected by the air race crash in Nevada.  May the Lord help all those affected by man-made and natural disasters in America.
Disaster (Air Race Crash) (September 16, 2011) Map of Nevada, U.S.A. Extract fromBroken Tail Trim in Nevada Air Crash Doubled Plane’s ‘G-Load,’ Caused Pilot to Black Out, Expert Says: “The deadly Nevada air racing disaster that killed 11 people may have been caused by a missing tail trim that doubled the plane’s “G-load” and made the pilot pass out, an aviation expert tells Fox News. The WWII-era P-51 Mustang fighter plane — named the Galloping Ghost — crashed in Reno during an air race Friday, killing 11 people and injuring at least 70 others. The National Transportation Safety Board is examining photographs taken before and after the disaster for any clues into the crash. Pilot and aviation expert Blake Mathis told Fox News Wednesday that a broken tail trim seen in one of the photos likely caused the plane to speed upwards into the sky, creating a ‘tremendous G-load’ that made pilot Jimmy Leeward pass out.” See also: Death toll rises to 9 in Nevada air race crash; close to 70 injured. VIDEO: Nevada aircrash: new footage.
Saint Mary, Our Lady of Loreto (Patron Saint of Aviation) (Feast Date: December 10) Extract fromOur Lady of Loreto: “The title Our Lady of Loreto refers to the Holy House of Loreto, the house in which Mary was born, and where the Annunciation occurred, and to an ancient statue of Our Lady which is found there. Tradition says that a band of angels scooped up the little house from the Holy Land, and transported it first to Tersato, Dalmatia in 1291, then Recanati, Italy in 1294, and finally to Loreto, Italy where it has been for centuries. It was this flight that led to her patronage of people involved in aviation, and the long life of the house that has led to the patronage of builders, construction workers, etc. It is the first shrine of international renown dedicated to the Blessed Virgin, and has been known as a Marian center for centuries. Popes have always held the Shrine of Loreto in special esteem, and it is under their direct authority and protection.” See PICTURE of Our Lady of Loreto.  See Also: December 10 – Our Lady of Loreto: Patron Saint of Aviation(Multilingual),  Our Lady of Loreto (EN). VIDEO: Dec 10 – Homily: Our Lady of Loreto, PRAYER OF POPE BENEDICT XVI.

Asia (Yellow Beads)

Intention – That the Lord Jesus through the intercession of St. Elizabeth of Portugal,  the Patron Saint of Peace, may come to the aid of those affected by war in Afghanistan.  May the Lord help all those affected by man-made and natural disasters in Asia.

Disaster (War) Map of Afghanistan Extract from Analysis: Afghan assassination means Taliban ‘want war, not peace’: “The assassination of Burhanuddin Rabbani in Kabul – apparently by the very group he was trying to negotiate with – suggests a political solution in Afghanistan remains a distant prospect – and is another reminder of how fragile security is in the Afghan capital, according to analysts and diplomats. Rabbani was also one of the most prominent Tajiks in Afghanistan, and his killing is likely to aggravate their fears of renewed ethnic conflict with the largely Pashtun Taliban. It’s not clear whether the Taliban leadership sanctioned the assassination, but that was the immediate assumption of the Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen, who said it represented ‘the strategy of the Taliban to assassinate as many leaders as possible.’ . . . .How any peace process will be affected by his death is as yet unclear. ‘It’s a very serious setback for anyone that was hoping for a peace process,’ says Riedel of Brookings. ‘There has always been a huge debate about whether the Taliban was interested in reconciliation, I think we got the answer [today].’ See also: Afghanistan, Afghanistan peace council head killed – Tuesday 20 September 2011.
Saint Elizabeth of Portugal (Patron Saint of Peace) (Feast Date: July 4) Extract from St. Elizabeth of Portugal (1271-1336) queen and wife: “Elizabeth, or Isabel, was born in Saragossa, Spain, in 1271, the daughter of Peter III, king of Aragón and Queen Constanza and was christened Elizabeth after her great-aunt Elizabeth of Hungary. Many European monarchs sought to have her as a bride for their sons and one must wonder how much she understood when at the age of twelve she was married to King Denis of Portugal who was then twenty. . . . Elizabeth regularly attended the Liturgy of the Hours and sometimes even corrected the Latin of the clerical chanters. In 1320, she obtained from the bishop of Coimbra a proclamation establishing the solemn observance of the feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary on 8 December throughout the whole country. . . . Elizabeth would at times bring lepers to her private room, wash and bandage their wounds, replace their rags with clean clothes and serve them with a meal. One Good Friday, as the lepers were going away, one of them, unable to keep up with rest, fell at the main entrance, where the doorkeeper found him. . . .  Elizabeth immediately had him brought to a secluded room, where she washed the gash on his skull, and applied egg-white before bandaging it. When, the next day, the leper announced that he had no more pain, that the wound was closed and healed, the rumor spread that the queen had performed a miracle. Doctors have commented on this episode, praising Elizabeth’s medical knowledge. It seems that the protein and fibrinogenic components in egg-white can be an effective remedy for a bleeding wound. In 1779, the Portuguese Academy of Sciences chose St. Elizabeth as its patron saint.” See also: July 4 – Saint Elizabeth of Portugal: Patron Saint of Peace – Invoked in Times of War, Marian Prayer of St. Elizabeth.


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