Floods in Thailand – 2011 – Update 1

Dear Confreres,

Right now, I’m here in the Caritas National office of Thailand gathering more information about the big flood that badly hit 30 provinces in the central Thailand. Between now and the 18th of October, the city of Bangkok is expecting a flood, due to a possible release of water in certain places that have been badly hit. In fact our hospital in Bangkok has already installed sandbags to mitigate possible flooding. Here in the Caritas office, volunteers are busy repacking the goodies. We will move to the area on Saturday morning to distribute the relief goods. Fr. Rocco had just came back from Ayuthhaya, where he was distributing relief goods.
I think this incident calls for our attention. I will give you more reports from the affected areas soon. I guess we will again pose appeals for help. Over 235 people died already and several thousands of families have been evacuated in the main town centers. Some highways are closed to traffic.
The CTF medical team is also preparing for a mission towards the end of this month to the evacuation centers.
We’ll keep you posted of the latest.
Fr. Aris Miranda

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