Floods in Thailand – Update 4

The Provincial of the Camillians in Thailand, Fr. Paul, writes:

Greetings!! After returning from Lima, we are faced with the challenges presented by the floods in the center provinces and in Bangkok. Our places are safe from the flood and there is no damage. Near our Pastoral Center in Latkrabang, however, those people whose houses lie in the lowlands have been  affected.  We are helping them to distribute livelihood bags consisting of  5 kilos of rice, 6 cans fish, instant noodles and the like to the affected people. We have already distributed 420 livelihood bags to the victims near Latkrabang and to another 200 families of handicapped persons near the facilities for the handicapped there.

On October 29, two medical teams assisted at the pastoral center at Latkrabang and at the parish nearby.  The plan is to distribute another of 600 -700 livelihood bags to the flood victims there.

Fr. Rocco is collaborating with Caritas Thailand to distribute the livelihood bags in these provinces.  We will forward more details in the future.

Pray for us, because the flood is heading towards us in Latkrabang before heading to the sea.

Regards, Paolo

And the leader of  CTF Thailand, Fr. Rocco writes:

Fr. Giacomo Virot, Maew and I will join the Caritas trip to Nakorn Sawan tomorrow to distribute livelihood bags to 3,200 families from two sub-districts (about 15 villages),  located along the river-side in front of the districts we assisted on our last trip. We will be utilizing two army-trucks and three cars to accomodate the many participants.

Today I am telephonicallhy surveying the situation in a sub-district which is located about a one hour drive from the Camillian Pastoral Health Care Center, Ladkrabang (which is part of Prachinburi province). I called a parish there, as well as the leader of the villages, and will submit the request letter for livelihood bags to the Government Re-lift Center tomorrow morning through Caritas staff. I plan to distribute the livelihood bags to 1,250 families next week through the CTF team (Fr. Cherdchai , Fr.Virot , Maew etc ……, maybe on Monday 1st or or Tuesday 2nd Nov.
This Saturday,  29th Oct. 2011, CTF Thailand is organizing a Medical Mobile Clinic for the benefit of the flood victims near our Pastoral Health Care Center Ladkrabang, and for Catholics at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. At the same time, Fr.Cherdchai will distribute livelihood bags to the 150 affected families which he and CTF team had surveyed last weekend.
Thank for your kind offer to provide a model of a project proposal to make our job easier. I hope that I will have time to sit with P’Marrisa and Fr.Cherdchai on this Sunday to work on it. I have been very busy these past two weeks.  This week, I was unable to leave the office before 7 pm. We just finished the EA project to submit to Caritas International last night at midnight along with a team of 7 staff members and with the assistance of 4 CRS staff members from the SE region. The area affected and the number of people in need of assistance are more than what I first expected.
Take care, Fr. Pairat

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