World Mission Rosary – Patron Saints Calendar – May 2012 – List

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May 1     St. Joseph, Patron Saint of Families, Workers, Belgium, Viet Nam and the Universal Church

May 1     St. Walburga, Patron Saint of Mariners and against Famine

May 2     St. Athanasius

May 3     St. James, Apostle, Patron Saint of Medjugorge, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Bosnia-Herzegovina

May 3     St. Philip, Apostle

May 4     First Friday

May 4     St. Florian, Patron Saint against Floods, Fires and Water Dangers

May 5     First Saturday


May 7     St. Mary, Our Lady of Lebanon, Patron Saint of Lebanon

May 8     St. Mary, Our Lady Star of Pompeii, Patron Saint of Italy

May 9     St. Mary, Our Lady of Loreto, Patron Saint of Aviators

May 10   St. Damien de Veuster

May 1     St. John of Avila, Patron Saint of Spain

May 10   St. Solange of Bourges, Patron Saint of Children, Droughr Relief, Rape Victims

May 11   Bl. Gregory of Verucchio, Patron Saint against Drought 

May 11   Sts. Nereus and Achilleus

May 11   St. Pancras


May 13 *St. Mary, Our Lady Star of the Sea, Patron Saint of Seafarers (2nd Sunday of May)

May 13 *St. Mary, Our Lady of Fatima, Patron Saint of New Jersey, Nigeria

May 1   *Mother’s Day

May 14 *St. Mathias, Apostle

May 15 *St. Isadore the Farmer, Patron Saint of Farm Workers

May 15 *St. Dymphna, Patron Saint for those with Mental or Emotional Disease

May 16 *St. John Nepumucen, Patron Saint against Floods

May 16 *St. Honorius of Amiens, Patron Saint of Oil Refiners

May 16 *St. Brendan the Navigator, Patron Saint of Mariners, Boatmen, Sailors and Travelers

May 17 *THE ASCENSION OF THE LORD* – Holy Day of Obligation

May 18 *Pope St. John I


May 20   St. Bernardine of Siena, Patron Saint of Italy, Public Affairs, Respiratory Problems

May 21   St. Christopher Magallanes and Companions

May 22   St. Rita of Cascia, Patron Saint of Deperate Situations and Impossible Causes

May 23   St. Euphrosyne of Polotsk, Patron Saint of Belarus

May 24   Our Lady of the Highways (Our Lady of the Cedars), Patron Saint of Arizona

May 24   Our Lady of Sheshan, Patron Saint of China

May 24   Our Lady Help of Christians, Patron Saint of Australia and New Zealand

May 25   St. Bede the Venerable

May 25   Pope St. Gregory VII

May 25   St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi, Patron Saint of the Sick and against Sexual Temptation

May 25   St. Camillus de Lellis’ Birthday!! (Patron Saint of those who are Sick)

May 26   St. Philip Neri


May 28   Bl. Mary Bartholomew Bagnesi, Patron Saint of Abuse Victims

May 28   Memorial Day (Observed)

May 30   St. Joan of Arc, Patron Saint of Soldiers and Rape Victims

May 30   St. Anthony of Padua, Patron Saint of Brazil, of Travelers, against Starvation

May 31   The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

May 31   St. Petronilla, Patron Saint of Travelers in Mountainous Regions

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