World Mission Rosary Intentions June 4 – June 17, 2012

Servants of Saint Camillus Disaster Relief Services (SOS DRS)/Camillian Task Force (CTF)

“When the World Mission Rosary is completed, one has embraced all continents, all people in prayer.” Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen    

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General Rosary Intention: That the Lord in His Divine Mercy – through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary – may build up His Kingdom, make these mysteries a reality in our lives, strengthen us in our common mission, and come to the aid of those for whom we pray.

Africa (Green Beads)

Intention – That the Lord Jesus through the intercession of St. Mary, Our Lady of Africa the Patroness of Africa, may come to the aid of those affected by the recent shopping center bombing in Nairobi, Kenya. May the Lord help all those affected by man-made and natural disasters in Africa.

Disaster: Terrorist Shopping Center Bombing Map of Kenya Extract from Fertilizer bomb suspected in Nairobi IED blast: “Police announced that an improvised explosive device caused a blast that ripped through a building full of small shops in downtown Nairobi, with one official saying it may have been a fertilizer bomb. The official, who spoke Tuesday on condition of anonymity, told The Associated Press that the smell of ammonia at the scene of Monday’s explosion on Moi Avenue indicated the possible presence of a fertilizer bomb, which is commonly made of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil. The FBI joined the investigation into the attack that wounded 33 people, including a woman who blamed the blast on a ‘bearded man’ who left behind a bag shortly before the detonation. Kenya’s police spokesman, Eric Kiraithe, said police concluded on Tuesday that the blast was caused by an IED. Kiraithe said officials couldn’t yet definitely blame the Somali militant group al-Shabab, an Islamist group that has links to al-Qaida. Al-Shabab threatened in October to bring down Nairobi skyscrapers and bragged about its July 2010 bomb attacks in Kampala, Uganda, that killed 76 people. Al-Shabab issued the threat against Kenya after Kenyan troops moved into Somalia to attack al-Shabab fighters.” See also: Kenya: Nairobi blast ’caused by bomb’,  Witness in Kenya blast blames bearded man, In pictures: Nairobi explosion, Blast rocks Kenyan capital. VIDEOS: Blast rocks Kenyan capital, Blast rocks central Nairobi, several wounded. Read about the CTF/SOS DRS latest response to Disasters in Africa.

Saint Mary, Our Lady of Africa: Patron Saint of Africa (Feast Date: April 30)Extract from Extract from Prayer to Our Lady of Africa): “Our Lady of Africa, Queen of Peace, obtain the gift of peace for all nations torn apart by hatred, resentment and racism. May your Son’s law of Love win over and unite all hearts, so that together we may sing the Glory of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.” See PICTURE of Our Lady of Africa.  See also: April 30 – Saint Mary, Our Lady of Africa, Patron Saint of Africa, Consolation for the Afflicted.

Oceania (Blue Beads)

Intention – That the Lord Jesus through the intercession of St. Gratus of Aosta, the Patron Saint against Animal Attacks, may come to the aid of those affected by crocodile attacks in Indonesia. May the Lord help all those affected by man-made and natural disasters in Oceania.

Disaster: Crocodile Attacks Map of Indonesia  Extract from Crocodile attacks kill 2 Lampung villagers in 2 months: “Two deadly crocodile attacks have taken two Indonesian men in the same river in less than two months. The head of the local conservation agency says a saltwater crocodile reportedly swallowed a 20-year-old villager who was bathing Tuesday on a river on Sumatra island. Suprianto said the 35-year-old man killed last month was dragged away and his partial corpse was found four days later about two miles from where he was attacked. Both attacks were in Tulang Bawang district in Lampung province. Suprianto said Wednesday his office didn’t yet have more details on Tuesday’s attack. No crocodile has been captured and it wasn’t known if the same animal killed both men.” VIDEOS: Giant Crocodile In Indonesia River.

Saint Gratus of Aosta: Patron Saint against Animal Attacks (Feast Date: September 7) Extract from PATRON SAINTS: “Saint Gratus, former bishop of Aosta, is now its patron saint (Benedictines). In art, Saint Gratus is depicted as a bishop carrying the head of Saint John the Baptist and a bunch of grapes. There may be lightning flashing near him (Roeder). He is the protector of vineyards and is invoked against dangerous animals, fire, insects, hail, lightning, rain, and storm (Roeder). See PICTURE of Saint Gratus of Aosta. See also: September 7 – Saint Gratus of Aosta: Patron Saint Against Rain, Hail, Storms, Lightening, Fire and Animal Attacks.

Europe (White Beads)

Intention – That the Lord Jesus through the intercession of Catherine of Siena, the Patron Saint of Italy, may come to the aid of those affected by the earthquakes in northern Italy. May the Lord help all those affected by man-made and natural disasters in Europe.

Disaster: Earthquakes Map of ItalyExtract from 15 dead in latest killer quake in Italy: “A powerful earthquake killed at least 15 people and left 200 injured Tuesday as it rocked a swath of northern Italy. Factories, warehouses and churches collapsed, dealing a second blow to a region where thousands are still homeless from another temblor just nine days ago. The 5.8 magnitude quake left 14,000 people homeless in the Emilia Romagna region north of Bologna, one of Italy’s most agriculturally and industrially productive areas. It was felt from Piedmont in northwestern Italy to Venice in the northeast and as far north as Austria. . . . The temblor terrified many of the thousands who have been living in tents or cars since the May 20 quake and created a whole new wave of homeless. ‘I was shaving and I ran out very fast, half dressed,’ a resident of Sant’Agostino, one of the towns devastated in the quake earlier this month, told AP Television News. Tuesday’s quake struck just after 9:00 a.m. with an epicenter 25 miles northwest of Bologna, according to the U.S. Geological Survey — just a handful of miles away from where the 6.0-magnitude quake that killed seven people on May 20 was centered. Government undersecretary Antonio Catricala, briefing the Senate in Rome, said at least 15 people were killed, some 200 injured and seven people missing. The number of homeless swelled by several thousand, to a total of 14,000, he said. While Tuesday’s quake was about 100 times less intense than the one May 20, its death toll was more than twice as high. In both, the dead included workers killed by collapsing factories and warehouses. In the town of Mirandola, near the epicenter, the church of San Francis crumbled, leaving only its facade standing. The main cathedral also collapsed. Sant’Agostino’s town hall, so damaged in the May 20 quake that it looked as if it had been bombed, virtually collapsed when the latest deadly temblor struck. . . . Many victims of the new quake, like the one nine days ago, were at work in huge warehouses that collapsed, including one dead inside a machinery factory in Mirandola.” See also: UPDATE 9-Italy quake kills six, damages historic buildings, Another deadly earthquake shakes northern Italy, Workers among 16 dead in latest big Italian quake. VIDEOS: Italian earthquake leaves many homeless, Thousands left homeless by north Italy earthquake, More aftershocks hit Italy, thousands still homeless.
Saint Catherine of Siena: Patron Saint of Italy (Feast Date: April 29) Extract from Extract from: St. Catherine of Siena: “From her earliest childhood Catherine began to see visions and to practise extreme austerities. At the age of seven she consecrated her virginity to Christ; in her sixteenth year she took the habit of the Dominican Tertiaries, and renewed the life of the anchorites of the desert in a little room in her father’s house. After three years of celestial visitations and familiar conversation with Christ, she underwent the mystical experience known as the “spiritual espousals”, probably during the carnival of 1366. She now rejoined her family, began to tend the sick, especially those afflicted with the most repulsive diseases, to serve the poor, and to labour for the conversion of sinners.” See PICTURE of Saint Catherine of Siena.  See also: April 29 – Saint Catherine of Siena: Patron Saint of the Sick, of Nurses, of Europe, Italy, against Fire, Floods and Temptation, PRAYER of St. Catherine of Siena.

America (Red Beads)

Intention – That the Lord Jesus through the intercession of St. Vitus, the Patron Saint against Animal Attacks, may come to the aid of those affected by rabies in Peru. May the Lord help all those affected by man-made and natural disasters in America.

Disaster: Rabies Map of Peru Extract from Peru: Seven Children Die of Rabies: “Peruvian health officials stated on Wednesday that at least seven indigenous children have died in Peru from rabies. The children died between April and May, in a remote community of Camana, in the forest of Cusco, southeast Peru. The disease was transmitted to the children, between 11 and 14 years old, when they were bitten by vampire rats infected with rabies. The bats feed off blood, usually from animals, but are said to turn to humans particularly when their natural habitats have been destroyed. Ana María Navarro, the co-ordinator of the National Health of Zoonoses for the Ministry of Health said: ‘The symptoms and medical reports showed that the seven indigenous children died from an outbreak of rabies in wild animals.’” See also: Seven die of rabies bites in Peru, Rabies-Infected Bats Kill 7 Children In Peru. CTF/SOS DRS Recent Response to Disasters in America:Haiti,Chile.

Saint Vitus: Patron Saint against Animal Attacks (Feast Date: June 15) Extract fromExtract from Saint Vitus: “reliable legend has Vitus become a Christian when he was 12. When his conversions and miracles became widely known to the administrator of Sicily, Valerian, he had Vitus brought before him, to shake his faith. He was unsuccessful, but Vitus with his tutor, Modestus, and servant, Crescentia, fled to Lucania and then to Rome, where he freed Emperor Diocletian’s son of an evil spirit. When Vitus would not sacrifice to the gods, his cure was attributed to sorcery. He, Modestus, and Crescentia were subjected to various tortures from which they emerged unscathed, and were freed when during a storm, temples were destroyed and an angel guided them back to Lucania, where they eventually died. Their cult goes back centuries. A great devotion to Vitus developed in Germany when his relics were translated to Saxony in 836. He is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers and is the patron of epileptics, those afflicted with St. Vitus’ Dance (named after him}, dancers, and actors, and is a protector against storms (and more…)”See PICTURE of Saint Vitus, June 15 – Saint Vitus: Patron Saint of Sicily, Czech Republic, against Storms, Epilepsy and Animal Attacks, Prayer to St. Vitus.

Asia (Yellow Beads)

Intention – That the Lord Jesus through the intercession of St. Barbara, the Patron Saint of Syria, against Explosions and against Death by Artillery, may come to the aid of those affected by violence in Syria. May the Lord help all those affected by man-made and natural disasters in Asia.

Disaster: Violence Map of Syria Extract from UN says over 92 killed in Syria, 32 of them children: “The United Nations said on Saturday that more than 92 people were killed in what activists described as an artillery barrage by government forces in the worst violence since the start of a U.N. peace plan to slow the flow of blood in Syria’s uprising. The bloodied bodies of children, some with their skulls split open, were shown in footage posted to YouTube purporting to show the victims of the shelling in the central town of Houla on Friday. The sound of wailing filled the room. . . . ‘This morning U.N. military and civilian observers went to Houla and counted more than 32 children under the age of 10 and over 60 adults killed,’ the head of U.N. team monitoring the ceasefire – which has yet to take hold – said. ‘The observers confirmed from examination of ordinances the use of artillery tank shells,’ Major General Robert Mood said in a statement, without elaborating. ‘Whoever started, whoever responded and whoever carried out this deplorable act of violence should be held responsible.’ U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemned the attack. ‘Those who perpetrated this atrocity must be identified and held to account,’ she said in a statement. ‘And the United States will work with the international community to intensify our pressure on Assad and his cronies, whose rule by murder and fear must come to an end.’” See also: Syrian bombardment of Hama kills 41: opposition. VIDEOS: UN leads calls for urgent world action on Syria after massacre of 108 in Houla, including 32 children, Shelling and protests in Syria. CTF/SOS DRS Response to Disasters in Asia: 2011-10 Floods in Thailand,Pakistan.

Saint Barbara (Patron Saint of Syria, against Explosions and against Death by Artillery) (Feast Date: December 4) Extract fromSaint Barbara: “A beautiful maiden imprisoned in a high tower by her father Dioscorus for disobedience. While there, she was tutored by philosophers, orators and poets. From them she learned to think, and decided that polytheism was nonsense. With the help of Origen and Valentinian, she converted to Christianity. . . Her association with things military and with death that falls from the sky led to her patronage of all things related to artillery, and her image graced powder magazines and arsenals for years. One of the Fourteen Holy Helpers.” See PICTURES of Saint Barbara, Prayers to St. Barbara,December 4 – Saint Barbara: Patron Saint of Syria, the Military, Artillery, Explosions, against Death by Artillery, Explosions and Bomb Makers.

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